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21st January 2016

Sunset Pop-up Market in the Park

Imagine if there was a place where talented craftspeople and artisans could bring their passions together to tantalize taste-buds, excite your mind and tickle your fancy?

Pop Up Market copy

A stunning sunset, twinkling lights and eclectic atmosphere are about to be experienced first-hand, rather than from your Instagram feed! A Pop Up Sunset Market is just what we’ve all been wishing for- who doesn’t love a good market? There’s something about sauntering through market stalls that makes you feel good. Fresh produce, lovingly made and beautifully crafted items provide an atmosphere that you simply don’t get from a commercial store. Local small businesses will be selling high quality products, exceptional food and artisan gift ware. Shoppers who appreciate quality craftsmanship will get the chance to connect with the talented creators.

Stall Holders_Makers Millinery_Market Street

Artisan headpiece by Maker Millinery & luxury bath bombs by Market Street

Stall Holder_Marry Me Goldfields

Meet the talented team from “Marry Me Goldfields” at the Sunset Pop-Up Market

Kalgoorlie’s golden desert sunsets are pretty iconic and make for a perfect backdrop for a family friendly night out – the first Sunset Pop-Up Market will be held at Hammond Park.  It’s a chance to kick back and appreciate live acoustic tunes from a couple of local musos. Take a seat in the chill out area, grab a bite to eat and sing along to your favourite Aussie classics. Meeting up with friends under the stars and the twinkling fairy lights…life doesn’t get much better than that!

The Pop Up Sunset Market will begin at 6pm, Friday 19th February at Hammond Park in West Lamington. Those interested in holding a stall have until the end of January to apply. Visit www.popupsunsetmarket.com for details or follow “Pop Up Sunset Market” on facebook for updates.



Danielle Foster & Ashlee Armstrong are best friends and busy Mums. Working in the marketing field, these queens of organising pride themselves on delivering quality, inspired events. Since falling in love with the market culture during a trip to Europe 5 years ago, they thought there’s no reason why Kalgoorlie can’t have a successful night market so, they decided to do something about it!

Visit the Pop-Up Sunset Market website

7th January 2016

Get in ‘Bed’ with the Kalgoorlie Boulder Community Garden

The Kalgoorlie Boulder Community Garden is seeking new members to join their growing committee.

Kalgoorlie Boulder Community Garden

Oh the opportunity for puns! But seriously, if you are struggling with getting anything to sprout in our desert climate, would like to grow your own organic fruit and vegies and want to be a part of an international trend then this is your chance to get involved and put down some roots in KB.

Floated in 2011 by then current Kalgoorlie Boulder CEO, Don Burnett, the Kalgoorlie Boulder Community Garden initiative is finally bearing some fruit. A large portion of land adjacent to Hammond Park on Memorial Drive has been plotted out for individual residents and community groups or schools to ‘rent a bed’ for their very own gardens.

This fantastic community project has been supported by the City of Kalgoorlie Boulder, SUEZ and the Royalties for Regions Community Trust. Funds raised so far have gone towards fencing the site and money has been allocated for a secure shed for storage, garden beds, a water storage tank including reticulation for the garden beds, gardening tools and professionally designed plans to make the most of the space.

Kalgoorlie Boulder Community Garden entrance way

The KBC Garden located adjacent to Hammond Park on Memorial Drive

Kalgoorlie Boulder Community Garden | Stages plan | 'Get In Bed' with the Kalgoorlie Boulder community garden blog post | We Love KB

The plan showing the different stages of the Kalgoorlie Boulder Community Garden project

The garden has received some great community support through the local live crowdfunding project Souper Pitch too. Held at Rydges on the 12th of November 2015, the KBC Garden committee chairperson Jennifer Nicholls presented a compelling pitch (complete with a pitchfork as a prop!) about the future of the project and received over $500 from the crowd which was immediately put towards insurance costs which has allowed members to enter the site to begin preparations for Stage One.

Future plans for this shared space include a worm farm, hothouse and propagating area and a frog pond to name a few. Current members and partners are also looking forward to passing on their knowledge with forums about water wise practices and an building an interpretive display naming edible native plants or ‘Bush Tucker’.

If you would like to  become a member of the Kalgoorlie Boulder Community Garden or get your name on the list for a garden bed please contact KBC Garden chairperson Jennifer Nicholls at admin@kbcgarden.org


Kalgoorlie Boulder Community Garden

Get back to your roots Next to Hammond Park, Memorial Drive, Kalgoorlie T: Contact Jennifer Thompson 0422 995 728

7th January 2016

10 things you should know about moving to Kalgoorlie-Boulder

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  • With Rebecca Brewin from My Bloggable Day

    So you’ve decided to take the plunge and move to Kalgoorlie-Boulder. I did the same thing and made the move from Melbourne to the Goldfields. You’ve no doubt heard of the mines and skimpy bars, but here’s what you really need to know about moving to the Gold City.

  • You will make life long friends…

    Kalgoorlie-Boulder is full of people who have blown in from cities across Australia to seize opportunity or kick-start their careers. Pair that with welcoming locals and you will soon find yourself with 10 best friends on speed dial. You will make friends through work, schools, through sporting teams, arts and theatre clubs, social nights and networking opportunities.

  • …And find them in strange places

    Because you tend to bump into people constantly in Kalgoorlie-Boulder, you are guaranteed to see people again and again until you are best mates. That girl you laughed with in the line for the toilet during a comedy night at the Arts Centre, that guy you sat next to at a carbon farming forum, the lovely lady who serves you coffee every day? Instant friends.

  • Your social calendar will never be fuller

    A 5km social fun run, breakfast at Relish, a festival in Hammond Park, a tasting at the local brewery, a VIP night at your salon and that’s just Saturday sorted. Moving to Kalgoorlie-Boulder means never being short of something to do. Being six hours from the closest major city means we have to make our own fun and with so many creative people planning fun events you will more often find yourself double or triple booked, than with nothing to do.

  • You will fall in love with the convenience

    Never having to battle traffic, finding a parking spot, or jostle with crowds on a packed train is life changing. If you work in town expect a five-minute or less commute to work. I’m not kidding. Imagine what you can do with those extra five hours a week not spent in the car. Feeling less stressed already?


  • You will experience weird and wonderful weather phenomena

    Kalgoorlie-Boulder’s unique location on the edge of the desert makes for some amazing weather experiences. Expect spectacular summer storms that drive local photographers to the streets to take electrifying lightning photos as well as the occasional apocalyptic red dust storm (totally harmless!). The day you enter a debate as to whether that rumble was an earthquake or a mining blast, you’ll know you’re a local.


  • You will see beautiful landscapes and nature

    Kalgoorlie-Boulder is (unfairly) not known for its natural beauty. But the city is in fact located in one of the largest intact temperate woodlands in the world, known as the Great Western Woodlands. Expect magical moments like spotting kangaroos on your evening run in Karlkurla Park and get used to seeing mind-blowing sunsets most nights. 

  • You will discover amazing opportunities

    Kalgoorlie-Boulder welcomes those who want to give life a go. Always wanted to sing on stage? Be the secretary of your local soccer club? Plan a crazy themed fundraising night? Kalgoorlie-Boulder is where you will find the opportunity and support to do so. This community is one that rallies for its members and wants to see them succeed.

  • You will gain new perspectives

     There are challenges associated with living in a remote city and they will give you a greater perspective on life and the fabric that makes up Australia. Sometimes it can feel isolating and frustrating to live inland, but you will walk away with a greater respect for the people who keep our regions, farms and mines alive.

  • You will have amazing new experiences

    I guarantee you will be invited to attend an event you’ve never experienced before. Like a muddy rodeo on the edge of the Nullarbor or a spectacular black tie ball in a sparkling room that was once a basketball court. Ever been to a 1980s themed casino night? Or seen a talented trapeze artist spinning high above the concrete ground in the pouring rain? You are bound to experience something bordering on the bizarre that will prompt the thought ‘only in Kalgoorlie-Boulder!’.

  • You will find it hard to leave

    I’ve seen many people leave Kalgoorlie-Boulder with a palpable sense of sadness. They know they are leaving behind a unique community that can’t be found anywhere else. So enjoy the time you have there and make the most of every opportunity.


Rebecca Brewin is 20-something reporter from Melbourne. Australia, who loves food, travel, style and having a good time. She recently quit her job and life to travel indefinitely.


2nd January 2016

All dem feels: Kalgoorlie Souper Pitch & Heartwalk Urban Art

Paula Fletcher reports back on the second Kalgoorlie Souper Pitch, where she pitched her idea for “Heartwalk”, an urban art project in the heart of the Kalgoorlie CBD.

souper pitch title

Although our city quiets down for Christmas & New Year, it was a large, passionate crowd of locals that showed up for the Kalgoorlie Souper Pitch: New Year, New Ideas event. The second in the series of Live crowdfunding events created by social innovators Ben Fox and Julian Canny was held in the quirky laneway at Fossick Handmade, which glittered with festoon lighting and handmade bunting.

The premise is simple: Buy your soup for $10, listen to exciting new ideas for Kalgoorlie, then choose which one gets your $10. So far the patrons of Kalgoorlie Souper Pitch have raised $2600 to go toward local projects that will benefit their community.

Kalgoorlie Souper Pitch

Souper Pitch co-creator Ben Fox collects contributions from the crowd.

Kalgoorlie Souper Pitch

The gorgeous staff from Relish Kalgoorlie turned up to show their support


Perched on a makeshift stage constructed with cable ties, wooden pallets and milk crates, I pitched my new concept for an urban art project in the heart of the Kalgoorlie CBD alongside Anne Skinner from the Eastern Goldfields Historical Society (writing a book on the 1934 Kalgoorlie Race Riots) and Owen Hinton (hosting a 48hr Global Game Jam event in March).

An excerpt from my pitch:

Heart walk will inject a new creative energy into our CBD by transforming empty shop windows into artists canvases, creating an urban art walk in the heart of town. 10 local artists will be paid to paint alongside internationally regarded street artists… It’s my dream to activate an urban art scene in Kalgoorlie Boulder, from this initial project we will start seeing colour and creativity pop up in public spaces all over town. I want to empower you all to change the face of our town, to revitalise our CBD and turn it into an exciting space where people want to spend their leisure time.

I asked the crowd for an investment of $350 to go toward getting the project up and running, and was absolutely honoured to receive a crowdfunding total of $477, which has already paid to get the Heartwalk Kalgoorlie urban art project website online, with the remainder to go toward project planning, budgeting and a Facebook marketing campaign.


The pitchers from the November event sponsored by Rydges Kalgoorlie returned to give the crowd an update on their projects. Kalgoorlie Boulder Community Garden’s Jennifer Nicholls proudly presented the crowd with a freshly laminated insurance policy paid for with the $528 invested by Souper Pitch patrons, meaning the group could finally open to the public and  start allocating plots to members. The Community Garden group also picked up an incredibly generous $2,500 donation of earthmoving from Phil Yates at Versatile Plant Hire.  Souper Pitch nights don’t just assist with raising capital, but are an invaluable networking opportunity where pitchers can pick up leads, sponsorship and in-kind support for their projects.

The next Souper Pitch event is in March 2016, where you can RSVP or apply to pitch here. For more information on the Heartwalk project, visit the Heartwalk website to find out how you can get involved and to sign up for the mailing list. 

Click here to visit the Heartwalk: Art in the heart of the CBD website.

Many thanks to Kate Fielding for the photographs featured in this article.

Kalgoorlie Souper Pitch

November Pitchers Jen Nicholls (Kalgoorlie Boulder Community Garden), Kate Yates and Zach Inglis report back on their progress.

Kalgoorlie Souper Pitch

The beaming December Souper Pitch team! Back Row L-R, co-creator Julian Canny, soup chef Zach Hawke from Zach-Harry’s Place,  Kate Fielding, co-creator Ben Fox. Front Row L-R, pitchers Owen Hinton & Paula Fletcher, Sarah Hinton of Pride & Prominence, Carly McAllister of Fossick Handmade.


Paula Fletcher is highly regarded in the Kalgoorlie-Boulder community for the vivacious work created through her freelance graphics & web studio, Calypso Creative and as Director of public art project Heartwalk. She holds a firm belief that a flourishing arts community makes for a happy and thriving city.