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21st September 2016

Kalgoorlie Fashions on the Field – Turn back time

Guest blogger Moya Sharp from the fantastic Outback Family History website and blog turns back time on Fashions on the Field through the years.

Kalgoorlie Boulder Fashions on the Field 1910

Kalgoorlie Boulder race-going fashion, 1910

From the very early days of the Kalgoorlie and Boulder Races in 1876 ladies have always been present and like today, it was not so much about the horses or the racing but on the ladies dresses and accessories.

Fashions as you will see have changed a great deal over the last 120 years but the quest to see and be seen at your very best was an occasion not to be missed.

Gate receipts were £600 in excess of last year’s ‘figures, and £12,540 passed through the totalizator.

Visitors from outback towns and the coast all seemed to enjoy everything to the full. First impression registered regarding feminine fashions was that the frocking was definitely gayer and an improvement on last year.

Thursday 8 September 1938, Kalgoorlie Miner

The rest of this very detailed article lists the exact details of all the ladies present not just about their dresses and hats but their accessories, jewellery, handbags and even flowers.

Today things are much more informal and all styles of fashion can be seen on the day.

Kalgoorlie Boulder race-going fashion, 1923

Kalgoorlie Boulder race-going fashion, 1923

Kalgoorlie Boulder race-going fashion, 1907-1944

Kalgoorlie Boulder race-going fashion, 1907 (left) and 1944 (right)

Kalgoorlie Boulder race-going fashion, 1935

Kalgoorlie Boulder race-going fashion, 1935



Moya Sharp is an avid researcher and historian based in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. Through her Outback Family History website, Moya is committed to providing as many records and photographs free to anyone who is interested in the family and local history of the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia.


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14th September 2016

Your guide to surviving Kalgoorlie Boulder Race Round

We Love KB Guest Blogger Rebecca Brewin’s ultimate guide to ensuring a fabulous 2016 ’round!


A party that has steadily grown since its inception in 1896, the Race Round brings a week of outrageously fun events to Kalgoorlie-Boulder. More than just the Kalgoorlie Cup, there are three racing carnival days and plenty of other events to tire you out. I’ve attended them all, with varying degrees of success, and come up with this unofficial survival guide just for you!

What to wear

Fashions on the Field Finalists

Fashions on the Field Finalists

Do not make the mistake of thinking because you’re headed to a regional race day you can don your ‘good’ flanno, break out a new pair of double pluggers and give the old rat’s tail a bit of a brush. If you’ve spent a day in Kalgoorlie-Boulder you should know the stakes are amazingly high when it comes to fashion. Guys and gals of the Goldfields know how to dress. Sure, Boulder Cup Day is a more casual affair but for the rest of the week you need to bring your A game, especially on Ladies Day. The standard of the outfits that place in Fashions on the Field is impeccably high, with ladies in perfectly coordinated outfits from their hats to their heels. Guys wear your best suit and if you own white dress shoes I advise you bin them immediately.

I strongly encourage you shop local for your outfits, and not just to support the local economy; the only time I suffered the humiliation of someone else wearing my dress at the races was when I purchased it off ASOS. Don’t forget a pair of sunnies to protect your eyes from the blaring Goldfields sun and so you can actually see if it’s your horse coming down the straight. Ladies make sure you purchase the right size shapewear (aka Spanx) otherwise you’ll be whipping them off and stowing them in your bag after your fifth mini-burger… I imagine. Finally, save the 10-inch heels for the Gold Bar dance floor or you’ll be hobbling around like a freshly birthed giraffe in a few short hours.

Your beauty plan


Simple makeup is the easiest to maintain during a day at the races

If you’re the kind of guy or gal who likes to go all-out glamorous for the races you need to book your beauty appointments as early as possible. Depending on when you’re reading this it’s probably too late to book a 5-hour tan/mani/pedi/facial marathon. But if you don’t trust yourself to expertly administer a spray tan to your body (and unless you happen to be a professional spray tanner, you shouldn’t) at least call Lush or Alleya Day Spa and see if they can squeeze you in. I love Indulge for a Shellac manicure or pedicure. If your locks are looking a little lacklustre give Thairapy or Gravity a call and see what they can do. As for makeup, I’m an advocate of the ‘less is more’ philosophy if for no other reason than you don’t have to worry about it sliding south over the course of the day. And don’t forget to wear sunscreen underneath your warpaint; fascinators do little in the way of sun protection.

Your drinking game plan

Enjoy some sparkling... and water!

Enjoy some sparkling… and water!

As much as most people love a tipple at the races, no one wants to be that person stumbling out the gate at sunset, shoeless, shirtless and shouting profanities. Make sure you have a big breakfast before you start drinking and grab a snack whenever you get the chance; whether it’s a canapé in a marquee, chips and dip from a picnic basket or a dirty (aka delicious) hotdog from a food vendor. Down some water between every alcoholic beverage to stay hydrated and maybe a swap your beer for a soft drink every few rounds. Pick one drink and stick to it! Don’t be mixing beer, wine, spirits and sparkling unless you really hate yourself.

Sustenance is important

Sustenance is important

Make sure you see a horse

A horse is taken through its paces in the mountain yard at Kalgoorlie-Boulder Racing Club

A horse is taken through its paces in the mountain yard at Kalgoorlie-Boulder Racing Club

When you’re busy socialising, people watching, eating and alternating your booze with water it’s easy to forget about the horses. The reason you’re actually there! Make sure you watch a few races from the straight; nothing beats the excitement of feeling the horses thundering towards the finish line and hearing the crowd screaming maniacally as if they’ve spent their last 20 cents on race 5. Speaking of gambling, if you choose to have a punt please do so responsibly. Set yourself a limit and don’t chase your losses. Or if like me you like your money where you can see it (in the form of a pair of shoes), just bet a few dollars here and there.

Plan your exit strategy

All these people want the same taxi as you

All these people want the same taxi as you

Race Round is a busy time for Kalgoorlie-Boulder’s few taxi drivers and when thousands of punters suddenly exit the racetrack at the same time, chaos quickly ensues. If you can bribe a sober friend to pick you up from the KBRC and drop you at home or into town it’s probably worth paying whatever they ask (firstborn sons included). One Kalgoorlie Cup Day I took a pair of those tiny rolled up ballet flats in my handbag, slipped them on at the end of the day and walked all the way to the Tower Hotel. If you have indulged in a few aforementioned tipples I recommend dropping past one of KB’s late night eateries on the way home. Acropolis do an excellent kebab and special chips, which are like regular chips only special.

Take advantage of the other events around town

Burlesque dancers at the 2014 Discover the Round Welcome Party

Burlesque dancers at the 2014 Discover the Round Welcome Party

Race Round is the best week of the year in Kalgoorlie-Boulder and the fun is not only confined to the racetrack. If spending a day trackside isn’t your thing there are plenty of other great events to get involved in. One of my favourites is the Discover the Round Welcome Party held at the Hannans Club, which is always a classy affair. This year there’s a white lunch for ladies at the golf course, a sport men’s lunch and plenty of other events. If you feel you need to break up the partying with some culture the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder Art Prize exhibition is on display at the Kalgoorlie town hall and the Goldfields Repertory Club are performing The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde during the Round. For more visit the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Racing Club website.


Rebecca Brewin is 20-something reporter from Melbourne. Australia, who loves food, travel, style and having a good time. She recently quit her job and life to travel indefinitely.


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12th September 2016

Wacky Race Round Fashion – 15 years of bucking the trend

Fashion Faux Pas or First Past the Post? We Love KB looks back over the last 15 years of the wackiest Kalgoorlie Boulder Race Round Fashion.

Every year in Kalgoorlie Boulder we welcome in Spring with a pretty smashing party – The Kalgoorlie Boulder Race Round! So far, we’ve shared some amazing looks that you can buy locally and had a reflective moment on fashion photography which showcased local photographers and designers against the stunning backdrop that is the Goldfields.

This week we’re taking a moment to look back on some of the wackier Race Round fashion outfits, not quite the calibre of the Hannan’s Cup Ladies Day Fashions on the Field entrants but we’ve gotta’ give them kudos for creativity in bucking the trend.

1) The reigning Queen of quirky raceround fashion, Kalgoorlie’s own Fanny Cracker!

fannycracker1Christopher Jordan Wright as drag queen Fanny Cracker at Kalgoorlie Boulder Raceround

2) And err, the King?

Man dressed as Elvis at Kalgoorlie Boulder Raceround

3) Go full superhero, or go home.

Men dressed as super heroes at Kalgoorlie Boulder Raceround Men dressed as super heroes at Kalgoorlie Boulder Raceround

4) We like to call this look “Kalgoorlie Smart Casual”

Kalgoorlie "Smart Casual" at Kalgoorlie Boulder Raceround

5) They wear your grandad’s clothes. They look incredible.

Men dressed as grandads at Kalgoorlie Boulder Raceround

6) Don’t you just hate it when you show up wearing the same outfit as the Champions Marquee?

Man in bright yellow suit at Kalgoorlie Boulder Raceround

7) Group costumes for the win!

Punters dressed as Alice in Wonderland characters at Kalgoorlie Boulder Raceround Punters dressed as 1920s mobsters at Kalgoorlie Boulder RaceroundTeenage models dressed in arty hats and converse sneakers at Kalgoorlie Boulder RaceroundGirls with mathing hobby horses at Kalgoorlie Boulder RaceroundGirls in costume at Kalgoorlie Boulder Raceround

8) We’re all quite mad here

Child dressed as Tim Burton/Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter at Kalgoorlie Boulder Raceround

9) When in doubt, wear a loud coloured suit.

Men dressed in bright suits at Kalgoorlie Boulder Raceround

10) Or a bold print

Man dressed in zebra print suit at Kalgoorlie Boulder RaceroundMan dressed in hawaiian print suit at Kalgoorlie Boulder Raceround

11) Hash House Harrier chic

Hash House Harriers in costume at Kalgoorlie Boulder RaceroundHash House Harriers in costume at Kalgoorlie Boulder Raceround Hash House Harriers in costume at Kalgoorlie Boulder Raceround 2008

12) We love a bit of headwear ingenuity

Man with homemade hat at Kalgoorlie Boulder Raceround

13) Practical fashion in that Kalgoorlie sunshine!

Men in costume at Kalgoorlie Boulder Raceround

14) Coming down in pairs

Men dressed as Bananas in Pajamas at Kalgoorlie Boulder Raceround

15) The stuff of nightmares

Men dressed as clowns at Kalgoorlie Boulder Raceround

16) One to take home to meet your mum

Man dressed as bogan at Kalgoorlie Boulder Raceround

17) Whatever this is

Man in costume at Kalgoorlie Boulder Raceround

18) Party in your pants

Men in costume at Kalgoorlie Boulder Raceround 2015

19) My Little Pony prêt-à-porter

Women in My Little Pony hat at Kalgoorlie Boulder Raceround

20) Got to admire the dedication to collecting materials to create this themed outfit!

Man in Emu Export costume at Kalgoorlie Boulder Raceround 2007

Recognise yourself or a friend? What’s your fashion pick? Let us know in the comments below!

Whether you want to follow the classic spring racing guidelines with your outfit or are just looking for a day of fashion-free fun don’t forget to get your tickets early! Gate entry, marquee and catering options are all available for pre-purchase from the Kalgoorlie Boulder Racing Club website.

All images used are the property of the KBRC.


Kalgoorlie Boulder Racing Club

Thoroughbred Racing April-September Meldrum Avenue, Kalgoorlie T: 08 9021 2303