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13th November 2016

Be part of the 2017 We♥KB Map + Summer Spending Spree Promotion!

We Love KB are extremely excited to announce that bookings for the next issue of our popular printed map are now open!


The 2017 printed Map will launch in February, highlighting the best places to shop, eat + drink, pamper and play in Kalgoorlie Boulder. In an exclusive Early Bird Offer, We Love KB will buy back a $50 voucher from all participating businesses to giveaway in our exclusive Summer Spending Spree promotion.

With over $500 of vouchers to be won, entrants to the We Love KB Summer Spending Spree promotion will be encouraged to share with our online community positive experiences of living in the Goldfields, take part in polls and photo challenges to be in the running to win. Winners will be awarded vouchers to redeem at local We Love KB member businesses which encourages extra spending during what is generally considered a quiet period across retail and hospitality in Kalgoorlie Boulder.

To be part of the Summer Spending Spree promotion and our coveted 2017 Map, just book your membership and advertising space before 31st December 2016.

For more information about Membership, We Love KB map advertising and pricing plans, download our Media Kit here or fill in the booking form to get signed up straight away!

4th November 2016

The Real Pets of Kalgoorlie Boulder & Pet’s Day Out

  • Ms Pepperoni minature dashaund eating a bone in Kalgoorlie | We Love KB1
  • Yoda the naked dog in toy dumptruck | We Love KB blog2
  • 3
  • @mme.lucille toy poodle in Kalgoorlie sitting on a bed } We Love KB4
  • 2 Happy Hens Chickadee and Nestle, chickens who live in Kalgoorlie on the grass5
  • Adventures of Peppa the Pig Kalgoorlie Boulder6
  • Molly the pug in Kalgoorlie | We Love KB7
  • @murphycocker Kalgoorlie Cocker Spaniel sitting in a box We Love KB Kalgoorlie Pets blog8
  • @francis_j_weiner Real Pets of Kalgoorlie Boulder9
  • Zepher the goat wearing bunny ears in a kitchen | We Love KB10
  • In anticipation of the annual City of Kalgoorlie Boulder Pet’s Day Out, We Love KB went pet-lebrity stalking and would like to share with you, Kalgoorlie Boulder’s most social pets.

    Furry felines, s-peck-tacular birds and gorgeous pooches are just some of the species of KB’s best friends and they’re taking over the internet with social media profiles of their own.

    You can join in the fun of Pet’s Day Out this Sunday November 6th at Centennial Park from 10am to 1pm. We Love KB has partnered with the City of Kalgoorlie Boulder to bring you a special Snapchat geofilter that you can apply to your pics on the day.

    Share your pet pics by using the hashtag #CKBPets, or share your pet’s profile in the comments below!

    You (well, not you, but your pet) could qualify for discounted micro-chipping or half price registration if you come along. So grab your fluffy bestie and join in the activities, learn about animal merchandise & services in Kalgoorlie Boulder and show your support for SAFE, the RSPCA Auxiliary and WISH.

    Don’t forget, your pets are invited to join you but please have appropriate leashes, restraints in place.


  • Meet Ms. Pepperoni.

    Age: 1yr 9mo

    Breed: Silver dappled dachshund

    Ms. Pepperoni loves going for bushwalks, cuddles and playing bark ball – it’s a game she invented herself!

    As you can see, she’s a big fan of treats – wonder if she’ll share with her big sister, Izzy the basset hound?

    Follow: @ms_pepperoni

  • This is Yoda, the cuteness is strong with this one.

    Age: 9 months

    Breed: Chinese crested cross Xoloitzcuintli

    Yoda loves nothing more than sunbaking in his toy dump truck (that’s not to scale just so you know) and chilling on the lounge with his family. Yoda only has hair on his head, feet and the tip of his tail, so unique!

    Follow: @yoda_the_naked_dog

  • Hi Nestle!

    Age: 4yrs

    Breed: Hybrid Hen

    Born in Coolgardie this beautiful gal is best friend to Chickadee who you’ll meet soon. Nestle’s fave place to perch is on her owner Lydia’s shoulder. She loves eating fresh meal worms and is said to walk backwards in the rain!

    Follow: 2HappyHens Blog

  • Bonjour Madame Lucille.

    Age: 6yrs

    Breed: Apricot Teacup Poodle

    Born in Kalgoorlie and weighing just over 2 kilograms, Lucille goes by many names including Madame, Fluffles and (our personal favourite) Tiny Camel.

    To get in her good books, be sure to shower her with compliments but avoid trying to brush her teeth or taking her on a seaside holiday – she does not like the ocean!

    Follow: @mme.lucille

  • Hello Chickadee!

    Age: 2yrs

    Breed: Rhode Island Red Hen

    Just like her companion, Nestle, Chickadee will only eat Coon brand cheese and no substitute. She’s much bigger than Nestle though and goes by the moniker ‘BFC’. Dependent on the weather that can stand for ‘Boulder Fried Chicken’ or ‘Bloody Freezing Chicken;.

    Follow: 2HappyHens blog

  • This is Peppa and her best friend Axle.

    Age: Both 1yr

    Breed: Peppa is a Australian miniature pig & Axle is a Husky

    We’re guessing you’ve met Peppa before. She’s a very social pig and has been a part of Coolgardie Day celebrations and even won a prize at the WA Museum Kalgoorlie-Boulder Golden Bone Show.

    Just like her pup brother, Peppa loves going for walks and belly rubs.

    Follow & book Peppa via her Facebook page or on Instragram @adventures_of_peppa_the_pig

  • Oh Molly, what big eyes you have!

    Age: 1yr

    Breed: Pug

    This cute pooch loves to be pampered by her Mum Jane and even enjoys a blow dry after her bath but not so much having her nose wrinkles cleaned. She loves playing with toy monkey and shows her appreciation of treats and cuddles with a snort and wiggle of her bottom.

    Follow: @Pug_named_Molly

  • G’Day Murphy!

    Age: 1yr 4mo

    Breed: English Cockerspaniel

    This golden beauty is Murphy the Cocker. Born in NSW, he is now loving life here in Kalgoorlie with his Irish parents – Mum Joanne you might recognise as the owner of Lola’s Boutique in town. Murphy is a clever pup too – he understands lots of words and even the spelling of the word Dentastix! Murphy loves sharing hugs with Mum and Dad (and their dinner too!) but gets a bit spooked when you whip out the vacuum cleaner.

    Follow: @MurphytheCocker

  • Meet Francis J Weiner, Frankie to his friends.

    Age: 2yrs

    Breed: Dachshund

    Frankie is rather a dapper dresser! If you like your pooches wearing bow ties and fluffy yellow duck pj’s then Frankie is your pup.

    Mum Melissa makes sure that Frankie has fun by playing with the sprinkler, going for walks and fooling around with their 3 human kids.

    Follow: @Francis_j_Wiener

  • Hi there Zepher.

    Age: 4yrs

    Breed: Goat

    Here’s a pet who busts stereotypes, Zepher doesn’t like grass or getting muddy! But like a true Aussie Kid (geddit?) he loves Weetbix!

    Raised from birth by Mum Kylee, he’s part of a big ‘pup pack’ family that includes 3 dogs and big fluffy white cat. Weighing in at over 80 kilos, Kylee says he makes life much more entertaining and he’s a big snugglebug.

    Zepher doesn’t have a social profile of his own but if you’d like to meet Zeph, Mum Kylee of the Pup Pack just send us a message and we can forward it on.

3rd November 2016

Night Markets in Kalgoorlie Boulder this Summer

Unique Christmas gifts, local crafts, soul food and groovy entertainment are all on offer. Keep reading to see where you can join us at upcoming night markets in Kalgoorlie Boulder and shop to your hearts content now that winter has finally taken the hint and gone for a hike (we hope)

Pop Up Sunset Market

The tagline for this event should be something like ‘bring your Pinterest/Instagram feed to life’. It’s true, We Love KB had a stall at the inaugural Pop Up Sunset Market in Feb this year and it was stunning.

Set against a gorgeous Goldfields sunset backdrop it was chockas full with local stallholders selling creations that they had made themselves. There was honey, clothing and quirky homewares and jewellery. Entertainment was all local and the food scrumptious – think Food Truck festival worthy!

WHEN: Friday November 11th 6pm-9pm
WHERE: Twin Dams Rotary Peace Park
DRAWCARD: Totally local and strictly handmade
MORE INFO: www.popupsunsetmarket.com


GAC One Stop Christmas Shop

This regular event at the Goldfields Art Centre is mega-popular. The foyer is jam packed with stalls from your favourite and most trusted party plan brands, local businesses and craftspeople.

You can browse (and buy!) for yourself and loved ones in air conditioned comfort in one of Western Australia’s finest entertainment centres, the art gallery and exhibits will be open too!

WHEN: Sunday November 13th 12noon-4pm
WHERE: Goldfields Arts Centre, Cheetham Street, Kalgoorlie
DRAWCARD: Indoors, wide selection, lots of parking
MORE INFO: Goldfields Arts Centre Website


Boulder Promotions Night Market & Christmas Carols

Boulder Promotions excel at putting on markets, it’s what they do every month to huge crowds but this time it’s in the evening and paired with the popular Carols in Loopline Park!

Loopline Park is perfect for sing along carols and this year they’ll be hosted by the Two Up, Two Down choir. You are welcome to bring a picnic of your own (from home or one of the multiple Burt St restaurants) or grab a sausage from the fundraising crew from Boulder Primary School.

Boulder Promotion & Development Association are still taking bookings for stalls. If you’d like to sell your wares please send an email to info@boulder.com.au

WHEN: Friday November 25th 4:30pm for markets, carols begin at 7:15pm
WHERE: Burt Street and Loopline Park in Boulder
DRAWCARD: BYO Picnic, Christmas carols and lighting of the Boulder Christmas Tree
MORE INFO: Facebook Event

If you know something we don’t know about upcoming events in Kalgoorlie Boulder please let us know by sending us a message or comment below.

1st November 2016

Goldfields Professionals Network – AGM

The Goldfields Professionals Network are having their AGM on Friday the 18th of November.

GPN + We Love KB networking event at the Hannans Club. Photo by G. Foulkes-Taylor

GPN + We Love KB networking event at the Hannans Club.
Photo by G. Foulkes-Taylor

The GPN has a focus on individuals rather than businesses. Your involvement in this group is not so much about traditional networking and generating new business but more about meeting new people and creating friendships with like minded professionals. So far this year we’ve played barefoot bowls and been mini-golfing, think of this organisation as a social club for any Kalgoorlie Boulder employee.

Membership to this association is cheap as chips and all events are heavily discounted for members via sponsorship from supportive local business and organisations.

Positions on the committee are available, you can request a nomination form and sign up by sending an email to the committee and don’t forget to RSVP via the Facebook event


Goldfields Professionals Network

A networking outlet for like minded professionals living in the Goldfields T: 0477 928 987