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19th April 2017

A Quest to grow Goldfields KidsFest – the funnest event of the year in Kalgoorlie Boulder

Goldfields KidsFest is this weekend in Kalgoorlie Boulder, it’s going to be absolutely lit, and it’s all F.R.E.E.

Banner image promoting Goldfields Kidsfest 2017 | We Love KB lifestyle blog Kalgoorlie Boulder, WA

The events team at the City of Kalgoorlie Boulder have upped the ante with a bold move to Cruickshanks Arena (the one on Boulder Road where the Fair is every year). Events and projects coordinator Caitlin Chessell-Madu said the big location change was a bit of a no-brainer.

“There is some wonderful permanent infrastructure there,” she said. “There’s permanent fencing, more toilets, and grandstand seating all already installed. We’re using the Norman Johns Hall as a big food court, and there’s even more space to move around.

“The best part is because we’ve saved money in the budget we’d usually spend on temporary fencing and port-a-loos, we have more money to spend on entertainment!”

For the first time, KidsFest will have two huge shows – one for younger kids and one for older ones, as well as a community stage where parents can watch their kids perform. As well as this there’s a big music band to fill the space right up.

Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom stage show will perform at the Kalgoorlie Goldfields Kidsfest April 2017 | We Love KB lifestyle blog Kalgoorlie Boulder, WA

A popular TV series has come to life with multiple stage performances throughout the weekend


We’ve got the scoop on the shows too, just for you. Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom is for the littlies, then there’s a live performance of How To Train Your Dragon for the big kids (still gotta be under 12, but big-ish compared to a baby).

Good news tired parents: there’s an extra face painter programmed so you don’t have to stand in line for quite as long this year. You can also expect some repeat appearances from community groups and not for profit organisations running activities, sports equipment for all ages and delicious (and reasonably priced) options for food from local vendors.

The event is aimed at 0-12 year olds and is one of the City’s biggest events on the calendar. It runs all weekend from 10am-4pm both days, and entry and activities are all free.

How to get there?

Because of the location change, there is a bunch more parking that has opened up. Not that you’ll probably need it though, because there’s a sweet partnership with TransGoldfields that means you get free bus travel both days.

Full timetables on how to get to KidsFest are on the Goldfields KidsFest Facebook page, but basically you can hop on the 861, 862 and 863 routes at the front of Palace Chambers, Hammond Park, Hannans Primary, the Exchange, the Rock Inn, Lionel St Markets, St Barb’s Square, Caltex, the Oasis, and Muschamp Village.

The City of Kalgoorlie Boulder works closely with Tourism WA to use this yearly event as a tourism drawcard for the region. “Obviously this event is for the people of Kalgoorlie, but we also want to open it up and make sure we build the audience beyond Kal.” Caitlin said.

“We see it as one of the premiere events that the City puts on. This event will be bigger and better each year. We have gotten better as a crew with how we manage things and handle things, and are managing our resources better and spending our budgets better.”

Popular presenter Fiona Cornelisse will MC the Goldfields KidsFest as Glinda the Good Witch | We Love KB lifestyle blog Kalgoorlie Boulder, WA

Famous Australian presenter and voice coach Fiona Cornelisse will keep up the Fantasy Quest theme as MC and Glinda the Good Witch

Caitlin said this move to work with an existing CKB venue is evident with a few other major events this year, including Multicultural Festival coming up later in the year.

“Things are working better and more smoothly,” she said. “There’s a lot of confidence amongst the team. KidsFest this year will revive Cruickshanks, and hopefully with a bit of a twist will give it a new lease of life.”

16th April 2017

Foodies Love Art Too – Chef’s Special

Kalgoorlie Boulder is in for a visual feast for the senses as we celebrate Heartwalk and the Heart of Gold Festival this May.

Logo image of the Artgold Heart of Gold Festival 'Chef's Special' promotion \Kalgoorlie Boulder May 2017 | We Love KB lifestyle blog

Not only can you digest beautiful art adorning the blank walls of some Kalgoorlie Boulder businesses and carparks but musical and theatre performances, bush walks, workshops and comedy shows will fill you up with cultural goodness.

How do foodies come into this? We Love KB and Artgold are inviting restaurants, cafes and pubs to get involved by serving up their ‘Chef’s Special’ for the whole month of May. It’s an opportunity to show off your most popular dish or allow your chef a little creative license in the kitchen.

Participating in this collaborative promotion means that eateries can show their support for our local arts & culture scene and show off to regulars and new clientele just what it is that makes them special.

We Love KB will visit every participating business to review and promote the venue’s Chef’s Special and will garner community support via our email newsletter and social media campaigns. Artgold have a partnership with the Kalgoorlie Miner to list participating businesses in two special feature advertisements, you might even get some free editorial action too!

Info for interested Food & Beverage providers can be accessed via the Artgold website here

Any questions? Call either Sarah from We Love KB on 0437 057 212 or Aiman from Artgold on 0437 642 009 before April 21st.

7th April 2017

Homegrown DJ headlines YOUTHFEST this weekend

Kalgoorlie music producer Richard Sacilotto returns home tomorrow night for a huge headline show at YouthFest.

Richard Saciliotto by Matsu Photography

DJ Saccas was born and raised here in the Goldfields, and over the last few years has taken his fresh ‘Beyond Tha Noize’ sound around the world, including big gigs in Bali, Singapore, and Los Angeles. Based in Melbourne now, Saccas said his move away from Kalgoorlie was to ensure he doesn’t ever get too comfortable.

“I moved to expand myself and keep going,” he said. “You can’t get comfortable; you just keep pushing forward and breaking the barriers of each place. It’s to expand your fan bases too because people would rather meet you than only ever find out about you on social media.

“As an artist I want to progress as far as I can go. I wanna end up in LA and tour the world. To get to that level you’ve kind of gotta make yourself uncomfortable.
“Some people wouldn’t do it like that but that’s my personal way of doing it.”

Left: Richard at a family birthday at Hampton Hill Station – His auntie and uncle manage Katherine Station Restaurant Right: Itty bitty Saccas at Wallace Park Pre-Primary!

Saccas’ journey into music started when he first moved to Perth after school in Kalgoorlie.
“When I turned 18 I went to TAFE and got a diploma in IT and got a job working in the city,” he begins.“One of our mates started dj-ing with vinyl decks and we would go get lessons from him and play with his stuff. I got hooked and started getting into it. I bought some decks, moved back to Kalgoorlie and just started practicing.

“I used to drive to Perth for an hour or two lesson with my mate Benny T so I could learn how to do it properly. Along with that I watched tutorial after tutorial online. I was doing an apprenticeship then, so I would come home after work and dj all night.”

It was never an easy process he said, but it was the perseverance in his practice that got him to where he is now.
“It’s so frustrating to learn; there’s no numbers or anything on vinyl so I was in the dark,” he said. “I was persistent and consistent with it.”

Sacca’s first gig was at Supre in Kalgoorlie for a special event.
“I gave it a crack, not really knowing what I was doing,” he laughs. “But from there I just progressed and progressed.”

“Think of the marketing opportunities!” Saccas has a dream to be the first DJ in space.

Sacca’s enthusiasm and infallible confidence is infectious. He truly believes in himself and says often that without his attitude he could have given up a hundred times.

“I’ve been rejected by pretty much every record label in the world but I keep going,” he said. “I play what I love listening to. It excites me to hear the music I create. The more you progress the more you have to be real to yourself. You have to find what you love and follow that.”

His career, with some big wins, hasn’t been without hard work and low times.
“Sometimes I sit back and wonder what the f**k I’m doing with my life,” he says. “I could move back to Kalgoorlie and go get a job on the mines and be so comfortable. But this is my passion. At the end of the day if you keep going and you’re persistent, it will happen. It will definitely happen. You have to back yourself 100%. At the end of the day you’re not gonna lose anything.

“If someone else can get there why not you?”

Beyond Tha Noize plays Centennial Park tomorrow night.

City of Kalgoorlie Boulder Youthfest


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