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3rd June 2018

10 of the best Aboriginal Cultural Tours and Experiences in Kalgoorlie Boulder

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  • Ngadju dancers in Norseman, Western Australia perform Welcome to Country at the Jungka Jungka Festival3
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  • Silky Pear or Karlkurla fruit | We Love KB Kalgoorlie Boulder Western Ausralia | Best Aboriginal Cultural Tours and Experiences8
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  • Music video Ma Goola, performed by Brownley Gospel Singers, Mathias Duplessy and the Violins of the World | We Love KB Kalgoorlie Boulder, Western Australia | Best Aboriginal Cultural Tours and Experiences10
  • The Aboriginal people of Kalgoorlie Boulder share with the earth a deep connection and history that spans thousands of years.

    Named after the abundant bush tucker fruit, the Silky Pear or Karlkurla (pronounced gull-gurl-a), the city of Kalgoorlie Boulder is a traditional meeting place for many Goldfields based Aboriginal tribes. These many groups have different stories to share of Dreamtime and before the white man discovered gold. They welcome you to join them on walking tours, dance performances, bush tucker forages and to learn their customs and to speak their language.

    View the artwork exhibitions at locally run galleries created by Aboriginal artists living in Kalgoorlie Boulder and in communities as far afield as the border of Western Australia and the Northern Territory. These traditional and contemporary works make treasured souvenirs and gifts for friends and family.

    Spend some time on country with these colourful characters and you’ll soon share their appreciation for this red dirt land, it’s beginnings and bounty and a taste for delectable roo tail and damper cooked on a campfire!


    An evident trait of the Aboriginal people living in Kalgoorlie Boulder is their strong sense of family and the production of this walking tour is no exception.

    Locally owned, Bush Ghoodhu Wongutha Tours is run by two generations of the Brownley Family. Son Linden Brownley is your tour guide departing from Kalgoorlie Town Hall and meandering your way up historic Hannan Street, learning about not only the Aboriginal history and culture but that of the white prospectors and their feverish hunt for gold. This 2 hour informative tour will finish at the family gallery and workshop with delicious damper drowned in butter and golden syrup made by matriarch Marcia Brownley.

    The Brownley family aren’t only excellent story  tellers and cooks – we’ll check back in with details about their recently released single.




    Kalgoorlie Boulder Visitor Centre

    316 Hannan Street, Kalgoorlie Town Hall

    089021 1966



    Foodies and the enthusiastic traveller are invited to join the Tjupan people by convoy and venture out for a morning’s honey ant hunt.

    Led by Buodoon Edie Ulrich, this “tour” is more of a trip out bush with a new friend. Edie’s positive aspect on life and a love for country and it’s bounty is infectious! All participants sample not just the sweet nectar of a honey ant but will also sample traditional camp fire damper and baked Kangaroo tail.



    Tjupan Bush Trips on Facebook

    Email: tjupan@wangka.com.au



    Based in Norseman, 2 hours South of Kalgoorlie Boulder, the Ngadju Dancers have been performing Dreamtime stories together for over 12 years.

    This dedicated group often perform at community events around the Goldfields. If their travelling calendar doesn’t quite line up with yours, you can engage the Ngadju Dancers for Welcome to Country, didgeridoo entertainment, smoking ceremonies and dance performances privately.



    Ngadju Dancers on Facebook

    Email: ngadjudancers@wangka.com.au



    Like to tour at your own pace? Then Heartwalk is for you!

    Over 40 murals adorn our shopfronts and walls as part of the 2 year grassroots public art festival. The mural locations and artist information is packed up tight in a handy map with a self-guided walking tour and is available from the Kalgoorlie Boulder Visitor Centre, on shop front counters around town or via download from the Heartwalk website.

    Over 30% of the participating artists are Aboriginal Australians from Kalgoorlie Boulder and the Goldfields of Western Australia.



    Seeking to buy authentic and locally produced Aboriginal art? Kalgoorlie Boulder is the exhibition and trading hub for artists who live as far away as Warakurna on the border of the Northern Territory and their pieces are on display and appreciated in countries all over the world.

    To purchase your own piece of Aboriginal art in Kalgoorlie Boulder please visit Bush Blossom Gallery or Black Crow Studios. These local businesses operate as agents for many artists with differing styles and mediums, they will provide an authenticity certificate and ensure local artists are provided ongoing work and income.


    To fully immerse yourself in the cultures of Wangkatha Aboriginal people, a visit and overnight stay at Morapoi Station is bush tucker for the soul.

    The hospitable Stubbs family run the station and provide accommodation and tours to individual travellers, school camps and as a corporate retreat. Located less than 2 hours North from Kalgoorlie Boulder they’re saving you a spot beside the campfire so hop to it!



    08 9031 3380

    Morapoi Station website & photo gallery www.morapoi.com.au



  • #KALFW

    Kalgoorlie Fashion Week is held annually in August and features local and visiting designers showcasing their creations on traditional catwalks and activated public spaces – like laneways and market squares!

    The 2018 event is proud to announce a large Aboriginal representation of clothing designers, models, make up artists and photographers.

    Image credit: Ammon Photography for KALFW



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    Karlkurla, pronounced Gull-gurl-la, is the Aboriginal name for the fruit of the Silky Pear plant and is where the city of Kalgoorlie Boulder got it’s name.

    In recognition of the 125th anniversary of the Irish prospector, Paddy Hannan, discovering gold in the area, the team from the Kalgoorlie Boulder Urban Landcare Group (KBULG) have revived their popular Karlkurla Dreaming Cultural Tours at the beautiful Karlkurla Park.

    Discover more about the connection of the local Aboriginal people to the flora and fauna of our area. Learn about what plants make good eating, which plants are used for bush medicine and which plants to avoid.

    Finish the tour at the lookout with a refreshing cuppa of billy tea.



    Kalgoorlie Boulder Visitor Centre

    316 Hannan Street, Kalgoorlie Town Hall

    089021 1966




    Diligently preserving the 14 – 16 Aboriginal languages of the Goldfields, Wangka – the Goldfields Aboriginal Language Centre is centrally located and open to the public.

    The team offer a large selection of books written in language and also host regular training and awareness workshops on cultural competency.




    264 Hannan Street

    Phone: (08) 9021 3788



    Remember how earlier on in the piece we spoke about the talents of the Brownley family?

    Well, it’s with the never flailing support and music industry expertise of the Tjuma Pulka Aboriginal Media Corporation that the Brownley Gospel Singers were able to collaborate with the internationally acclaimed Mathias Duplessy and the Violins of the World to create the spectacular single performed in language, Ma Goola.

    Check the video out now and show your support via the iTunes store.

    Tune into Tjuma Pulka 96.3FM when travelling through Kalgoorlie Boulder for a taste of Australian artists and commentary on local news and current events.

    Tjuma Pulka are also the organisation who host the amazing NAIDOC celebrations in KB. Every year we are treated to a week long celebration of performances, market stalls, workshops and delicious traditional foods! Follow them on Facebook to stay up to date.

    Image: RedCat Media for Tjuma Pulka 96.3FM