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7th September 2018

Retail Experiences in KB – A Creative Producers vision for our CBD

“It’s no secret that the Kalgoorlie Boulder retail sector has changed.”


The Kalgoorlie Boulder community has recently been under a period of consultation for the Kal City Centre Project. Led by the local council, the ideas have flown in hard and fast from the community and retailers seeking a positive change for our CBD. We Love KB asked local creative producer, Ruben Wills from E13 to provide more information on his plan to sustain excitement now that the consultation period has ended.

“Despite numerous enterprising individuals and businesses offering their diverse products and services, people are not pounding the pavement like they used to. It’s easy to want to name a single culprit, and there are a few floating around – antisocial behaviour, rise of online sales, perception of the local retail sector, change in consumer attitude to name a few. In reality, I think that it’s a complex combination of these, and much more.”

Kalgoorlie Boulder Creative Producers Julian Canny and Ruben Wills at the Heartwalk KCGM Shutdown party 2018 | We Love KB Western Australia

Here’s Ruben creating something cool at the 2018 Heartwalk KCGM Shutdown party. He’s on the right.

“I believe we can form a better understanding of how we may create benefit by examining a popular psychological concept – the hierarchy of needs. After our basic needs of food, air, shelter and protection have been met, humans desire social belonging. We seek to participate in experiences with others as a means to fulfil this need, and creative activities are the perfect candidate to be able to deliver this outcome. Put simply and applied to the retail conundrum, we have to give people more reasons to visit.

Musician Warwick Tullock performs at an E13 event in Kalgoorlie Boulder | We Love KB

Musician Warwick Tullock performing at an E13 gig in Kalgoorlie Boulder.

“For the past two years, my social enterprise E13 has been engaged by the City of Kalgoorlie Boulder to coordinate street performances to enliven the CBD and encourage shoppers to support local business during the Christmas trading period. This initiative has been met with overwhelmingly positive feedback, and the qualitative impact of the project is pleasing. We’re seeking to further this cause on an ongoing basis by collaborating with members of the retail sector to implement new reasons to visit.

Ruben has created a proposal for a Retail Experience Initiative. This plan when implemented will invigorate and enliven the CBD to incentivise engagement with the CBD’s retail sector. With investment and partnership between E13, local government, and Kalgoorlie Boulder businesses, they will create interactive, compelling experiences that will change the culture of the CBD.

View the Retail Experience Initiative proposal including ideas for street instruments, placemaking, and interactive fun via www.e13.com.au/retail.

Members of the local retail, hospitality, and service industries are seriously encouraged to complete the included survey!



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