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13th November 2019

2019 Worthy Parts Industry Link Expo

Last week Cathy sat down with Michael Worthington and discussed the great success of his second Industry Link Expo. It is amazing to see a young Kalgoorlie entrepreneur see his dreams come to fruition and along with this, bringing more business and revenue to other businesses within and outside the mining industry.

Worthy Parts Industry Link Expo

Michael and Jaymi Worthington are the founders of the Industry Link Expo. Their business started as Worthy Parts, essentially the middle man for selling genuine parts and earth moving equipment, where previously it was hard to raise purchase orders to warrant such a transaction. After the brand made a solid impact into the industry, they developed the Industry Link. This is their core business and it entails connecting people and machinery within the mining industry, whether it be parts, machines and service providers. Following the fast developing digital space movement, they created an online directory connecting the mining industry within the cloud, so that people know what each other have for offer. They are essentially the Link!! However, it can be hard work letting people know what each other has to offer and there is only so many phone calls and emails you can make, and so the Industry Link Expo was born to physically bring people together so they can network and view the products and learn about what services are avaialble.

Worthy Parts Industry Link Expo

Although brought together within 3 months, last year’s inaugural Expo was well attended with around 2,400 people over both days, which is an amazing effort and was successful! This year is up from that, the final number isn’t out yet however looking like around 2,800 over the 2 days. Hotels were booked out and flights were expensive, so we can assume the Expo brought out-of-towners to Kalgoorlie which had an impact on local business which is what we want to see!

The people Michael associates with were from Mt Isa, Toowoomba, Brisbane, New Zealand, Melbourne & Sydney so people do travel! Last year there was 90 exhibitors and this year around 150, a phenomenal increase! The biggest thrill Michael had was on day 2 when all the kids came down to have a look at the machines, climb all over the machines and the helicopter it reminded him of when his Father use to take him down to the Mining Expo back in the day!

There were also social activities hosted in conjunction with the Expo starting with the Northern Star Sundowner which was at the racecourse. A well attended event to kick off the major weekend ahead and the perfect way for exhibitors to relax and network.

On Friday morning breakfast with Kasey Stoner saw around 250 people attend. Kalgoorlie Boy, Michael Patrizi was the MC and it was nice to have him back home.  Michael was fantastic as the MC as he just wasn’t asking Kasey & Jess questions, he was engaging with the crowd and got them involved. The other speaker was Jess Moore who is number 1 in New Zealand number 2 in Australia for motocross. She felt right at home on the stage with Kasey and Michael!

Worthy Parts Industry Link Expo

On the Saturday night saw the KCGM Legend’s of Gold Gala Ball and attended by 330 people who were involved in the charity rebuild. The racecourse bookings ring was transformed into lavish ball setting with gourmet menu and great music. Everyone got Glammed up and it was a night to remember. The main feature was the auction of the Mining Legends Loader, the loader was on display at the first Expo in its need to be repaired state and here it was at Expo # 2 all repaired and looking like new! The auction raised $600,000! That is almost double what the Goldfields Charity Ball raises! $300,000 was given to the Miners Promise which is for families of victims of mining accidents or support network. The other $300,000 was given to the Goldfields Esperance Community Trust.  What a successful ending to the Industry Link Expo.

Worthy Parts Industry Link Expo

They are in discussions with the Orange City Council to hold an Industry Link Expo there in March 2021 and this looks promising. And hosting another in Kalgoorlie in October 2022.

So well done Michael and Jaymi and the whole Worthy Parts team for all their hard work. Not only have you made our goals a reality but you have also help contribute to the Kalgoorlie Boulder economy and project our great city in a positive light! We all thank you.

Photo credits: Abby Murray Photography