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25th May 2020

Top 5 Esperance Getaway Stays

Top 5 Stays In Esperance

Photo Credit: @rovebyronbay

Enjoy a getaway to our neighbouring seaside!

On May 18th, our WA government began to ease it’s travel restrictions in the Goldfields-Esperance region. For a lot of us, this news is music to our ears! We are now able to plan out that much-needed getaway; whether it be camping, sitting poolside or taking a dip at the beach, we’ve got you covered with our top 5 best places to stay in Esperance.

West Beach Holiday House

This gorgeous two-story house is located right by West Beach, encompassing amazing views and a unique, homely feeling. This deluxe home features 3 bedrooms sleeping up to 8 guests, 2 bathrooms, veranda and a balcony overlooking the breathtaking coastline. West Beach Holiday House is ideal for families with children or a group of friends, the perfect spot for spending time with loved ones. $210 per night. Book here

Photo Credit: Monika, Airbnb Host

Garden View Retreat

This lovely spacious living area offers room for up to 4 guests. With its tranquil setting, filtered light and manicured gardens, this retreat is perfect for a relax and recharge. The home offers a private barbecue area, 15 metre lap pool and overall sense of comfort. Relax poolside, or head down to First Beach (1.5 km) or Twilight Cove (7 km) for a swim. Pets are welcome at the property, and there’s even room to park your boat or jet ski! $110 per night. Book here

Garden View Retreat Esperance We Love KB

Photo Credit: Anne, Airbnb Host

Woody Island Safari Hut

Woody Island is a nature lover’s dream, but why not camp in style?! Woody Island Eco Tours offer private safari huts with a balcony to soak up the stunning views of Shearwater Bay and Esperance.
With a delightful range of activities to choose from on the island, like snorkeling and fishing, you can observe and explore the beautiful abundance of flora and fauna through guided walking tours and ferry trips around the Bay of Isles.
The huts include space for 2 adults and 2 children respectively, and the tour also offers a kiosk with food and drinks, as well as entertainment equipment for hire.
$155 per night. Book here or call 0484 327 580

Woody Island Safari Hut Eco Tours Esperance We Love KB

Photo Credit: Woody Island Eco Tours

Esperance Chalet Village

This quaint village residing behind the dunes of Bandy Creek boat harbour encourages an inner peace within its guests, helping them to escape the ordinary day-to-day. Esperance Chalet Village is spread over a large acreage near Cape Le Grand and Lucky Bay. Our favourite chalet pick would be the Large Chalet, fitting up to 2 guests in it’s A-frame hideaway. King bed is located on the upper level with a balcony revealing incredible views over the treetops. Basic kitchenette, as well as a lounge and BBQ area, and free WiFi! The perfect refuge to enjoy a cozy weekend away from all the noise.. Chalet prices start from $160 per night. Book here

Esperance Chalet Village We Love KB

Photo Credit: Esperance Chalet Village

Blue Anchor Studio Esperance

If functionality with a hint of style is what you’re after, then look no further than Blue Anchor Studio. This self-contained apartment is located on the Esperance Foreshore, directly opposite Twilight Beach Cove on Great Ocean Drive. This relaxing stay offers a well equipped kitchen, private outdoor area, and is only a short walk from the town centre. Drop anchor at this gorgeous homestead on your next Esperance visit! $115 per night. Book here

Blue Anchor Studio Esperance We Love KB

Photo Credit: Elisa, Airbnb Host

Hopefully our handpicked top 5 can give you some variety of choice or inspiration to help book your next trip to Esperance! We love seeing our community on adventures; especially around the Goldfields! Tag us in your holiday pics on Facebook or Instagram with the #WeLoveKB hashtag!


Sinead Porter
Creative Writer
We ❤️ KB

19th May 2020

Kalgoorlie-Boulder Outdoor Escapes

Kalgoorlie Boulder Outdoor Activies We Love KB

Photo Credit: @jacleroux_

Escape Isolation!

Feel stuck at home lately? Or maybe you’ve lived in the city for a while, but you’ve never really ventured further than to work or the shops. Well now is as perfect time as any to take a journey deep into the Goldfields, and really find what hidden treasures our beautiful desert paradise has on show. 


Karlkurla Bushland Park

Perhaps one of Kalgoorlie’s best nature reserves has to be Karlkurla Park, translating to ‘silky pear’ in Aborginal Wangkatha, which are abundant here! Take a walk through the 4km of beautiful bush land scenery, accompanied by cobblestone walkways and an array of native plant life. Kangaroos, bobtail lizards, mulga snakes and a range of wild birds have been spotted in the area, while Katunga lookout at the top of the hill provides excellent sunrise and set views. Located at the end of Nankiville Road, in Hannans.

Karlkurla Park Kalgoorlie Boulder We Love KB

Photo Credit: Kalgoorlie Boulder Urban Landcare Group


Red Hill Lookout

If you’ve never taken the chance to venture out of our city, Kambalda is the perfect place to start. The town itself is split into East and West and has a rich history of mining like Kalgoorlie, but is more attractively located on the western edge of Lake LeFroy. Conveniently, you can spot the panoramic views from the top of the Red Hill Lookout, located in Kambalda East. The lookout is welcome to picnickers and tourists alike, to soak up the vibrant colours of the desert bloom and trek across the beautiful landscape.

Kambalda East Red Hill Lookout Kalgoorlie Boulder We Love KB

Photo Credit: Our GEMS

Kalgoorlie Arboretum

This walking trail is set along 26 hectares of bushland, and is home to various species of native flora. The Arboretum is welcoming to our furry friends, where they can enjoy a leisurely walk along the treeline, with a small dam accompanying the park. Relax on the grassy area below the gum trees, you can even birdwatch the array of amazing bird species residing along the waterside. 

Kalgoorlie Arboretum is located on Hawkins Street, adjacent to Hammond Park.

Kalgoorlie Arboretum Boulder We Love KB

Photo Credit: Andrew Tyndall

Lake Ballard

Take a trip with the family to the saline wetlands of the Goldfields, where you can discover the mysterious sculptures scattering the salt lake. The unique figures were created by Antony Gormley, in which he derived 51 of them from laser scans of the community of Menzies, who mostly still inhabit the town today. Immerse yourself in the Mulga woodlands surrounding the lake, with a rich array of flora and fauna outstretching beyond the shore.
The trip to Lake Ballard from Kalgoorlie is about 2 hours, including a 132km drive to Menzies, and a further 51km to the lake. Please note that it is important to check road conditions with the Shire of Menzies prior to departing.

Photo Credit: campermate.com.au

Mount Charlotte Reservoir and Lookout

It is close to where Irish settler Paddy Hannan first struck gold, sparking the gold rush and the need for water in the Goldfields. And so began the building of the 506km pipeline between Kalgoorlie and the Mundaring Weir, finally erected in 1903. 

Mount Charlotte gives picturesque views overlooking Kalgoorlie-Boulder, with a spectacular display of lights throughout the city at night. The lookout offers historical facts and informational plaques to help us further our knowledge into the great engineering feats faced by the men who built the pipeline.

Today, the Mount Charlotte Reservoir stands as not only a historical landmark for the city, but also remains the town’s backup water supply, as the main holding tank is now located on Mt Percy, which was constructed in 1985.

Located along Goldfields Highway, near Boorara Rd.

Mount Charlotte We Love KB Kalgoorlie Boulder

Photo Credit: @exploreshaw

Hammond Park

This little sanctuary is known to most local residents as our best recreational park, welcoming visitors of all ages. Hammond Park offers a diverse range of activities, like the native bird and animal reserve, housing: ducks, parrots, galas, kangaroos, emus and more.  

Peacocks also like to freely roam the park often, the male birds showcase beautiful feather displays during mating season. Within the park are multiple playgrounds for kids of different ages and abilities, as well as a wheelchair swing and sheltered seating. The park is very popular with families and functions, as the location also offers two separate BBQ areas, a large gazebo area AND the Plum Cafe. Enjoy a coffee and bring the kids for a day of discovery and fun!
Located on Memorial Drive, Kalgoorlie.

Hammond Park Kalgoorlie Boulder We Love KB

Photo Credit: australiasgoldenoutback.com


As you can see, Kalgoorlie-Boulder and our surrounding areas have an abundance of places to visit, especially as restrictions are lifted and we have more access to nature and the freedom to explore. 

We love seeing the community getting out and about! Tag us in your pretty sunset pictures at #WeLoveKB on Instagram or Facebook.


Sinead Porter

Creative Writer

We Love KB

12th May 2020

Self Care Guide

Taking Care during COVID-19

Self Care Guide We Love KB

In recent months, life has been a bit of a whirlwind for all of us. Between having to balance the usual aspects of our everyday lives along with the stress of a pandemic looming, it only makes it easier for those intrusive and negative thoughts to cloud inside our heads. For now, it’s important that we take care of our emotional well-being, so that we’re mentally strong enough to overcome these temporary setbacks. Simply put, it’s okay to not be okay sometimes. 

We hope with some guidance that we can support our little community to alleviate us when we’re feeling down or just not like ourselves.


Switch off

At times, it’s like the only way we truly feel connected to the outside world is by checking the news every other hour to stay in the loop or endlessly stalking through our socials in fear of missing out on something. 

Spending hours staring at the blue light emitting from our phones not only affects our vision and concentration, it can also damage sleeping patterns and raise anxiety levels. Unplugging for a couple of hours and taking some time to bask in reality can truly change your perspective for the day while you give your eyes some needed rest.

Self Care Guide We Love KB


With a lot more free time on my hands, I personally find my brain overflows with thoughts of what I should be doing, and it consumes me so much that I find myself lethargic and completely unproductive. Meditation and mindfulness activities are geared to promote happiness by achieving a deeper sense of awareness of the world around us.

If you find yourself facing a similar slump, start by trying some deep breathing exercises. Try to relax and find yourself in the present. Use the time to release any negative energy that may be lingering and let go of any worries you’ve had for the day. Your brain deserves a break every now and then, so take a few minutes to allow a bit of clarity to shine through during this foggy time.


Self Care Guide We Love KB

Get your body moving!

A place I can assume most of us have parked our bums since isolation began – the couch. Sure, watching Netflix in the same pair of pj’s you’ve worn for a week is fun for a while, but eventually it gets old, and our bodies need physical activity to properly function. 

Go for a jog around the block or pick up a cardio class on YouTube. Dancing, yoga and Zumba workouts are also great ways to get active, without even leaving the house! The amount of tutorials online are endless and who ever said we needed a gym membership to keep fit?

Self Care Guide We Love KB

Practice the act of gratitude 

Put yourself in another person’s shoes. It’s easy for us to take things for granted at times like this, but we have a lot to be thankful for. Many people are doing it tough at the moment, from small businesses to single mothers, people of all walks of life are finding it hard to cope with the abnormalities of this pandemic. 

I myself am grateful for the roof over my head and having access to necessities that others may struggle to receive. It’s comforting to focus on the fact that living in a regional city lowers the overall risk, and that we have amazing health care workers who are always willing to lend a hand. Practicing gratitude helps us to show empathy toward others and remind us to stay grounded and appreciate the world for what it is. 


Reconnect with loved ones

Just because we’re physically distanced, doesn’t mean we can’t still be together as a family and community. With the wonders of the internet, most of our loved ones are only a click away. It’s important during this time for us to stay linked with one another to avoid becoming lonely or feeling claustrophobic. Video calls and text messages are always a good option to help us stay in the loop. Don’t forget to write a letter to your grandparents, too!


Beautify your routine

The best way to pick yourself up (so I’ve found) is to care for your outer self when your inner self is feeling icky. When you’re sad, simple things like showering can almost feel like a chore, but thankfully there is a world of beauty gurus on the world wide web who are here to help. The list of possibilities are endless, from DIY oatmeal face scrubs to egg white hair masks, you’ll find nearly everything you need right in your pantry. Get creative, and see how your skin and mind will thank you for it!


Self Care Guide We Love KB

Help out 

It’s easy to get lost in the daily slump, especially for those of us who are out of work for the time being. Why not get involved in giving back to your local community? Lately, community members have been reaching out to their neighbours and committing random acts of kindness.  The Kalgoorlie Community Care Collective on Facebook is a local page dedicated to these affairs, and is a great place to start. Doing the weekly grocery shop for someone in isolation, writing a letter to a nursing home, and donating spare non-perishable goods to local charities are just some of the awesome ways our KB society has been lending a hand, and you can too! 


Self Care Guide We Love KB

Get real support

Obviously, it doesn’t matter how many face masks and breathing exercises we can muster up, if we’re really suffering with our mental health, it’s crucial to get some real support. Thankfully, KB has a dedicated team of health professionals who are here to support and guide us on our way back to a positive outlook. Goldfields Mental Health Service, Headspace, Centrecare and 360 Health Centre are all helpful, local service providers willing to offer counselling and psychological services to heal our people. Never be afraid to speak out. To get further information, visit the Health Direct website

With the toll these events may be taking on our mental health, we hope our readers are able to find some solace while scanning through this piece, and find some direction for where their health journey is headed next. It’s all a process, so take care of yourself. If you can, find time to take care of others, too, they might just need it more than you think.

Thank you for reading.

Blog By

Sinead Porter
Creative Writer 

We Love KB

4th May 2020

Kalgoorlie-Boulder Community Spirit

KB Keeping connected through COVID-19

Kalgoorlie Boulder Community Spirit

     Photo Credit: Kathryn Blee 

In recent weeks, the typical day-to-day life of living in Kalgoorlie-Boulder has altered tremendously. We are sanctioned to our homes, with access only to essential living needs. Our country has faced; worrying about potential sickness and money woes, ever growing boredom, feelings of loneliness and lethargy, the list goes on. Nonetheless, the residents of Kalgoorlie-Boulder have banded together once more, proving that a small city can really make a big difference. Our community has assembled (metaphorically) to create colourful mosaics across the city, to help the less fortunate, and overall find a sense of belonging and connection during a time of isolation. These events and projects will help to pave the way towards a brighter future for us all, and allows us to see the bigger picture on the other side of this pandemic. 

Kalgoorlie Boulder Community Spirit

Follow The Rainbow Project. Photo Credit: Kal Miner

Follow the Rainbow Project

Recently we have noticed the stunning effort from some of our local families, and their involvement in what is now locally known as the ‘Follow the Rainbow’ project. The idea originally stemmed from the virus pandemic limiting us with social restrictions, and so started the nationwide trend – creating a rainbow for others to find. 

The Teddy Bear Hunt, also forming a part of the FTR project, encourages kids and families to display a teddy bear in their windows, essentially creating a scavenger hunt to spread joy around the neighbourhoods. 

The sentiment is beautiful. It gives kids something to look forward to when they’re out and about on those rare occasions, but it’s deeper than just some entertainment for the children. 

The colourful mosaic in our front yards and driveways represents hope in these trying times, and shows that whatever is thrown at us, we can still stay united as a community through it all, even while physically having to be apart. 

Houses all over Kalgoorlie-Boulder have been splashed with colour, with decorations like driveway chalk drawings of rainbows, hopscotch and race tracks. Fairy lights, paint, and knitwork overlap the fence lines across the city. The crafty creations have been endless, as well as schools and local businesses also getting involved.


Kalgoorlie Boulder Community Spirit

 Photo Credit: Rebecca Jones

To learn more about the project, and how to get involved, join the local FB page here:   https://www.facebook.com/groups/594399291154186/  Credit: Leisa Hams

Kalgoorlie Community Care Collective

Because the supermarket shelves have been a bit bare lately, citizens have rallied together to make a Facebook in dedication to helping those vulnerable during this pandemic. 

The KCCC group mainly focuses on helping disadvantaged groups and the elderly in supplying them with goods that they may not otherwise be able to acquire themselves in these harsh circumstances. 

The group so far has displayed organised food drives, shopping collection, advice and guidance on where to shop, what local services are available and just general support systems put in place by each caring member of the community. It’s inspiring to see such a dedicated effort from our locals to help give back to some of us doing it tough at the moment, and we’re hopeful to see the continued efforts of the people of the Kalgoorlie Community Care Collective.  

Kalgoorlie Boulder Community Spirit

Drive By Parties. Photo Credit: Dayna Marie

Drive-by Parties

As of late, most celebrations have been difficult to organise, especially when the only people allowed to come are those in your own household! 

The idea of a ‘drive-by’ party has taken off in Kalgoorlie, more specifically to celebrate the birthdays of local children by driving past and honking the horn. People have also taken it further by writing birthday cards, sharing gifts through the mail and organising food drives for their own birthday wishes. 

The local Facebook collective has over 1100 members and growing, and really puts into perspective what really matters: spending time with loved ones and being grateful for what we have. Community spirit flourishes with this project, and the smiles from some of our local kids just shows what an impact it’s making!   

Do you know a special someone celebrating their birthday during COVID19 restrictions? Why not throw them a drive by party! Visit the group and start organising! https://www.facebook.com/groups/835292480307757 

Kalgoorlie Boulder Community Spirit

Drive By Parties: Nicola Jade

#BeABuddy Initiative

During this pandemic, it’s been easy for us to forget things. One thing we may take for granted is our health, and we often lose sight of important things, like ensuring a proper wellbeing for our fellow community members who may need some extra help. 

The Be A Buddy initiative is aiming to connect local volunteers with those of us who may require some assistance during the stress of COVID-19. 

If you’re interested in volunteering, call the Volunteer Centre on 08 9093 2146


Love for the Elderly 

It’s hard to lose connections with our elderly loved ones, especially for those who are stuck isolated by themselves in fear of getting sick. 

Although staying safe is the best option, it can get lonely for all of us. Our nursing homes, especially, are in need of pen pals to keep residents feeling connected during this lockdown.

No matter who you are or what age, you’re welcome to send a letter and gladly be matched with your own pen pal. 

To make someone’s day, post your letter to: PO Box 8041, Hannans 6433.

Kalgoorlie Boulder Community Spirit

Front Yard Project. Photo credit: Savannah Morrison, Wild Light Imagery/ Front Yard Project

Front Yard Project

This passion project was initially introduced by local photographer Savannah Morrison to document the pandemic within Kalgoorlie-Boulder’s borders and introduce a contact-free form of producing digital experiences for both the outer community, and those lucky individuals with the chance to partake. All images are taken from Savannah’s car or on the footpath to be in line with the social distancing guidelines. 

This project not only shares some of our familiar faces of our city, but also captures the true feelings and attitudes towards self isolation and the COVID-19 pandemic as a whole. 

Hopefully, these photographs capture the beauty of simplicity and can be momentos for us to look back on in brighter days to come.

Photo Credit: Savannah Morrison


Driveway Drinks

This weekly activity almost feels foreign at a time like this, but our community is challenging conformity, without breaking any government social distancing restrictions, of course! A fair distanced, local ‘non-gathering’ whereby residents can set up a picnic and enjoy a few afternoon bevvys in the comfort of their front driveways. Each Sunday from 6-7PM, join in the fun to help keep spirits elevated and support your local community.  


I’m sure we can all agree that the pandemic scenario has altered a lot of things going on in our lives. When people have some extra time to kill, or it’s made clear that people around them are in need, it’s amazing to see what people have up their sleeves in terms of their mateship and humble manner. 

I think in a time full of unknowing and worry, there has also been a light of respect for one another and deeper understanding of how we can all function better as a society. Knowing we’re all in it together and are finding new and creative ways to combat the boredom and stress of our current lives, makes it all that little bit easier to cope with. 

We hope you’ve been able to gain insight into the developing projects popping up around our city, and we long to see our We Love KB community joining in on the antics! 

Let us know what you’ve been up to with #WeLoveKB hashtag on Instagram or Facebook.

By Sinead Porter

Creative Writer