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30th August 2020

August Member’s Monthly Blog: Unique Skin Boutique

Be your own kind of beautiful – be Unique.

Welcome to the August issue of our ‘Member of the Month’ blog, where we get to shine a spotlight on our amazing business members and show everyone what they have to offer.

Unique Skin Boutique Kalgoorlie We Love KB

This month, we take a glimpse behind-the-scenes of Unique Skin Boutique, with help from successful business owner Cherie May to chat about her experiences with running a business here in Kalgoorlie-Boulder. 

Cherie started her business in 2016 with a burning passion; both for skincare and wanting to bring new, more specialised services to the Goldfields. With over twelve years of experience in the beauty industry and having worked in prestigious salons and clinics across Australia before, Cherie began Unique Skin Boutique to welcome the art of pampering to our city.

The business has always been confident in maintaining the health, strength and integrity of each client’s skincare needs, and making the necessary changes to combat any rising concerns. Unique Skin Boutique offers an extensive range of services for skin treatment including: tanning, facial waxing, tinting, IPL/SHR hair removal. Currently, they have Naturaliste Skin Clinic visiting periodically, who offer cosmetic injections.
Unique Skin Boutique Kalgoorlie We Love KB

Cherie describes the business as a ‘skin revision clinic’, a place for long-lasting results and rejuvenation. She works alongside her two staff members, staying confident that education and a true passion are what help to create a successful business. The team works hard to create personalised skin routines and cater to each individual client to the best of their ability. “It can be a challenging clientele, but at the same time, just as rewarding,” she says. 

We all know that running a local business can have its pros and cons. “Passion, compassion, being true to our goals and being original has helped set our business apart from competitors.”
When it comes to getting the word out, Cherie’s best results have come through social media and local word of mouth.

We were intrigued to know Cherie’s biggest achievement, which is: “Bringing a change to the beauty industry, [specifically] around skin care and cheaper laser hair removal pricing.” Her greatest challenge in business is staff retention, and ensuring their values and morals match that of the company. 

Unique Skin Boutique Kalgoorlie We Love KB

Cherie and her team are constantly giving back to the local community, with humble donations of gift vouchers and product giveaways, Unique Skin Boutique has had the chance to show their community spirit by helping out with sporting, racing and fishing club events around our city.

When asked where Cherie sees Unique Skin Boutique in the next five years, the answer was quite simple: “Doing the exact same thing, maybe with a few newer technologies to complement our existing treatments.” 

The most exciting part of Unique Skin Boutique for Cherie? “The RESULTS!”

It must be such a rewarding experience to treat a client and know what you’re doing will ultimately benefit that person and make them feel so much more confident within their own skin. We commend Cherie and her team for their amazing efforts in keeping our locals looking glamorous and glowy!

Unique Skin Boutique Kalgoorlie We Love KB

We are excited to see what more is in store for the team at Unique Skin Boutique, and have been fascinated to learn more about the dynamics of the business!

To make a booking with Unique Skin Boutique or for further details, find their digital directory listing here.

Sinead Porter
Creative Writer
We Love KB

25th August 2020

Discover the Goldfields Wildflower Trail

Our beautiful desert oasis will be rich with life and colour this month from late August to October, as it is almost time for the local wildflowers to bloom! 

The collection of wildflowers here in WA is one of the biggest on Earth, with over 12,000 species inhabiting, found nowhere else on the planet! The variety of Western Australian wildflowers carpeting the Goldfields this spring includes everlastings, deep purple mulla mulla, eucalyptus trees and more.

Goldfields Wildflower Trail Kalgoorlie Boulder We Love KB

Credit: Janette Kavanagh – near Comet Vale, approx 100km north of Kalgoorlie-Boulder

Flowers colour the landscape from the outback to the coastline, and we are blessed with the opportunity to take the Goldfields Wildflower Drive this springtime, to relax and enjoy the beauty of our native flora!

Merredin to Kalgoorlie (3 hour drive, 334km)

Head to Sandford Rock Nature Reserve, 10kms from Westonia, where you will find gorgeous silver mallee. On your way to Kal, stop by Boorabbin Rock, home to the rare granite rock poison plant. Also on your journey, pull in at Caenyia Rock to discover the swordfish banksia. 

Kalgoorlie to Leonora (2.5 hour drive, 235km)

Journey over to Comet Vale where you’ll see the beautiful mulga woodlands, unique granite rock vegetation and prolific spring wildflower displays. Head further north towards Menzies via the Gormley sculptures along the salt lake. Kookynie, Leonora, Gwalia and the Malcolm Dam will be abundant with its variety of wildflowers.Wildflowers Kalgoorlie Boulder We Love KB Goldfields Lake Ballard Samphire

 Credit: Dr Karl Brennan – Samphire plant local to Lake Ballard

There are a range of accommodation options available such as motels, hotels, outback pubs, backpackers, caravan parks and more! 

Hot tips:

  • DON’T pick wildflowers – take only photographs and leave only footprints! (Unless you want to pay a $2000 fine!)  
  • Contact the local visitors centre for updated info on seasonal variations and weather conditions before heading out.
  • Respect private property and avoid trespassing!
  • Prevent the spread of disease to crops by staying out of the canola fields.
  • Enjoy being submersed in the beauty of the outback!

Western Australia Goldfields Kalgoorlie Boulder Wildflower Trail We Love KB

Credit:  Annette Fagan

We hope to see our local community take advantage of this wildflower season, get out and enjoy the beauty of Western Australia, especially at a time where appreciating the natural beauty of our world is crucial. So…what are you waiting for?!

Wildflower Kalgoorlie Boulder Landscape Bushland We Love KB Goldfields Credit: Andries Venter

If you get the chance for your own floral adventure, tag us in your pictures at @welovekb on Instagram or Facebook! For more information on wildflower variations, visit the Goldfields Wildflower Trail page at Australia’s Golden Outback.

Sinead Porter
Creative Writer
We Love KB

10th August 2020

Back to School: Tips for Parents

Back to School Kalgoorlie Boulder We Love KB

School lunches, organising homework and after-school programs: SORTED!

The past month has been a slow transition back to the real world for many of our youngsters, with Covid-19 subsiding from WA the return to school was a prominent event for many kids in our city.
We always want to see our youth striving to do their best, which is why we’ve put together a simple guide for parents in regards to organising lunches, homework and those busy afternoons to make returning back to school a breeze!


Lunchbox Essentials

Kids Nutrition Healthy Eating Kalgoorlie Boulder We Love KB

Credit: Webmd.com

Preparing a nutritional lunch for children is the best way to keep them focused at school. School lunches shouldn’t have to be a mission to complete; which is why we’ve included our favourite simplified snacks for learning on-the-go! Don’t forget, a water bottle is always a must-have, too.

Start with a reusable lunchbox container, preferably one with separate compartments to store different foods. Bento boxes work great for this! You can get Bento boxes from Little Poppy Lane.

The main idea for this concept is to offer a variety of foods for your child to nibble on throughout the day, rather than a sandwich which won’t keep them full for as long..


Filling foods such as pikelets, pita bread sticks and hummus, wraps or homemade mini pizzas are always a great base for any lunchbox.
Continue on by adding snackage such as: turkey, chicken or ham and cheese roll ups, crackers or cut up fruits and veggie sticks.
You can even add in a sweet treat every now and then, like jelly cups, fruit, yogurt or homemade cupcakes and slices!

Lunchbox Nutrition School Kalgoorlie Boulder We Love KBCredit: lifemadesweeter.com

The best part of packaging a child’s lunch in this way is that the food going into the box is tailored to your child’s dietary needs and preferences, and will be less likely to go to waste. (We all know how picky kids can be!)
It also minimises the overuse of plastic packaging, which we often find with ‘lunchbox friendly’ items at the shops.


Homework & Organisation

Desk Organisation Homework Station We Love KB Kalgoorlie Boulder

credit: ariannafrasca.com

Build a homework station! Create a well-lit space for your child to encourage their journey of learning. Understanding your child’s style of learning and what they need to excel will in turn greatly benefit their education.

Are they a visual learner? Use a whiteboard to plan out events and upcoming homework.

An aural learner? Find podcasts or informational videos relating to the subjects they are learning about, have them play softly in the background during study time to further amplify their learning.

Maybe even a physical learner? Organising tools and supplies needed for homework into separate bins or baskets will allow kids to physically grasp different elements within their subjects and discover what is needed to complete their school work successfully.

Colour coding can be extremely helpful for kids, especially when it comes to filing away important documents or assignments. This encourages organisation of their own at-home system, which will help to establish an organised workspace at school.

Colour Coding Organisation Tips Kalgoorlie Boulder We Love KB

Credit: Andrew McCaul, Good Housekeeping

Assign a special place for your child to display their artwork, school certificates or notes of encouragement to boost confidence and allow them to feel proud of themselves and their schooling efforts.

Parents need to feel on top of their work, too. To this I say, file EVERYTHING! Use a desk tray for any papers that need a ‘parental once-over’ – permission slips that need signing, photo day papers, excursion and absent notes, ect. Doing so will get you in the habit of keeping up to date on school-related activities, while separating the kids’ work from yours!


After School Programs

Kalgoorlie YMCA supports families and their children through the use of fun and stimulating environments. YMCA offers a before and after school program that caters for children in Kindergarten through to the age of 12. The centre can accommodate up to 78 children, even offering a pick-up service from some of the local schools.

YMCA After School Program Kalgoorlie Boulder We Love KB

Credit: ymcawa.org.au

The program operates between the hours of 6-9am before school and 2-6pm after school. Buses start their runs at 8am and 2:45pm.
Children attending are provided breakfast and afternoon tea, as well as homework club with supervising staff and fun, flexible activities both indoor and outdoors to meet the physical, educational and emotional needs of all children attending the program. 

All eligible families will receive the Government’s Child Care Subsidy package, otherwise prices vary between $30-40 depending on time of day. For more information, visit their website.  


Kalgoorlie Follow the Dream

This program was established in 2002 with the help of the Polly Farmer Foundation, and is based at the Eastern Goldfields College campus. Students can be selected from Kalgoorlie- Boulder Community High School, John Paul College and Eastern Goldfields College.
Around 40 students are enrolled each year, and attend up to four sessions per week, taking place right after school. Starting with a delicious afternoon tea, students are then offered the help of specialist tutors from within the Eastern Goldfields College across all curriculum areas. Tutors build strong relationships with the students, encouraging and supporting them to develop skills, complete school work and take advantage of a broad range of educational and personal development opportunities.

Interested in joining? Contact Eastern Goldfields College on 08 9092 3100.

We hope with this blog we are able to ease some of the tension in the transition back to school, and wish the best of luck to our local students for the rest of the school year!

Sinead Porter
Creative Writer
We Love KB