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2nd June 2016

7 ways to get the most out of your life in Kalgoorlie Boulder

  • 7 ways to get the most out of your life in Kalgoorlie-Boulder | We Love KB Guest Blogger Bec Brewin
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  • We♥KB Guest blogger Rebecca Brewin shares with us how to make the most out of living in Kalgoorlie Boulder

    In January 2016 I wrote I blog post called ‘10 things you should know about moving to Kalgoorlie Boulder’. The response on Facebook was incredible! Hundreds of people shared the article, agreeing that KB is an amazing place to live. A few others suggested I was exaggerating; that there was no way KB was that easy or that much fun. Well they are plain wrong! You can have the best possible life wherever you go and the Goldfields is no exception. Here’s how to live your best life in Kalgoorlie-Boulder.

  • Become a ‘yes!’ person

    Moving anywhere new is daunting and it’s always hard to make new friends, but it’s even harder if you sit on your couch every weekend instead of getting out there. Where, you ask? Anywhere! Become a ‘yes!’ person and get out of your comfort zone. Say ‘yes!’ when colleagues ask if you want to go for after work drinks, if you see an ad for a cultural festival or event in the park, if the mums at daycare are going for a coffee or if there’s a VIP night on at a local store. Even if you are tired, can’t be bothered or won’t know anyone. Shove all excuses to the side and go along, smile, say hello and you’ll easily get chatting to the person next to you. Chances are you’ll have more fun than sitting at home trawling YouTube for cat videos.

  • Keep up to date with what’s happening

    “There’s never anything on in Kalgoorlie-Boulder”. Hmmm… I want to officially call bullshit on this statement. Every month Goldfielders work hard to bring amazing events and experiences to town. I doubt I ever had an entire weekend with nothing on in my 3.5 years there. So how do you find out what’s happening? You can start by following We Love KB on facebook and keeping an eye on the events tab. It’s also worth following the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, The Goldfields Arts Centre, Fossick Handmade, I Love the Goldfields, Western Australian Museum Kalgoorlie-Boulder, The Kalgoorlie Miner (buy their paper too!), ABC Goldfields-Esperance and 981 Radio West. You can also follow the pages of shops, clubs, teams and groups that match your interests, like drama group the Goldfields Rep Club or the Goldfields Professionals Network who host social events for professionals to get to know each other.

  • Join a gym

    Getting some exercise is a good idea wherever you live, but you’d be surprised how many friendships blossom at the gym. Particularly if you regularly work out at the same time or go to a class repeatedly. There is a big gym culture in Kalgoorlie-Boulder and there are a bunch of different places to suit whatever exercise you’re into from kickboxing to pilates. I became very fond of the RPM classes at the Goldfields Oasis!

  • Join a team or club

    Joining a club in Kalgoorlie-Boulder is one of the top ways to make friends and have fun. There are clubs of all kinds suiting all interests from soccer, footy and many other sports to theatre, environment, craft, history, brass music, and dance. It might be slightly scary to turn up for that first meeting or try-out on your own but I’ll let you in on a little secret: clubs need members to survive, so they want you to be there! You can find most Kalgoorlie-Boulder clubs on Google, Facebook or in the local paper.

  • Volunteer

    Aside from the fact that volunteering helps others, it’s also proven to make us happier and healthier, it’s a way to gain new skills and meet new people. There are lots of ways you can give back to the community, from fostering a pet, helping put on a charity event or manning the BBQ at a fund raising sausage sizzle. The Kalgoorlie-Boulder Volunteer Centre will help put you in touch with volunteer roles of all kinds around the city and there are plenty of Rotary and Lions Clubs who do community fundraising as well.

  • Shop local

    There are no places more social than Hannan Street on a Saturday morning or Burt Street during the Boulder Markets. You will bump into anyone you’ve ever met in the Goldfields plus local shop keepers are so friendly and always up for a chat. Going for a stroll, grabbing a coffee and stopping to chat to people works as an outing if you can’t think of anything else to do. You also get the satisfaction of supporting local businesses and keeping our main streets alive.

  • Make your own fun

    Can’t find a club or event to suit you? Want to eat a cuisine that you can’t get at a local restaurant? Support a cause there isn’t a charity for? Go to a festival that doesn’t exist? Don’t complain, create! All the clubs and events in Kalgoorlie-Boulder started with one or a few people who wanted something and decided to go out there and make it happen. So start your own Labrador appreciation society, hold an El Salvadorian dinner party or a silent rave. Think big or small and let your imagination run wild. Roaring success or not you’re guaranteed to have fun along the way.


Rebecca Brewin is 20-something reporter from Melbourne. Australia, who loves food, travel, style and having a good time. She recently quit her job and life to travel indefinitely.