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15th December 2020

December Member’s Monthly Blog: Carriages Restaurant

Welcome to the December issue of our ‘Member of the Month’ blog, where we get to shine a spotlight on our amazing business members and show everyone what they have to offer.

This month, we focus our attention on a beloved local eatery, Carriages Restaurant, located through reception at the Quality Inn Railway Motel. 

Carriages Restaurant is an elegant, warm and relaxed atmosphere, catering to the public for breakfast and dinner, seven days a week. 

We got the chance to speak with Operations Manager, Kris Day, who gave us an insight of the inner workings of the business, as well as highlighting the quality dining experience you can expect to receive.

The business offers a seasonal menu providing a large range of contemporary foods suitable for all kinds of palates, as well as three separate function rooms catering up to 100 people. (With social distancing in place, of course!)

Function setting
Credit: Carriages Restaurant

The friendly customer service and loyalty to culinary perfection are what really set this business apart from their competitors. The chefs can easily adapt their delicious menu to suit a range of dietary requirements, with gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options included!

Fig & Ginger Pudding
Credit: Carriages Restaurant

When it comes to advertising, Carriages keep up with general radio and newspaper publications. However the tried and true method seems to always work – as Kris says, “Word of mouth is always best when it comes to food!”

Moroccan Lamb
Credit: Carriages Restaurant

Kris comments that management can make or break the success of a business.

“Good management and staff with the ability to adapt quickly to changes, [which was] especially evident this year,” Kris said.

Carriages Restaurant is run by around a dozen wait staff and chefs. “The biggest challenge is finding enough staff to run a busy restaurant seven days a week,” Kris said.

Operating the restaurant can be very challenging at times, Kris comments, “The isolation and distance [has] created issues for supplies and equipment, and we struggle to find enough staff.”

But although times can be tough, the amazing positives outweigh.

“Last year, we completed a huge renovation of the restaurant, including all new fridges, a tiled feature wall, new artworks, paintwork and furniture,” Kris said.

Carriages Restaurant has also supported various local charities, such as Goldfields Children Charity and other events within our community. 

Waldorf Chicken
Credit: Carriages Restaurant

The behind-the-scenes faces at Carriages Restaurant are proud of what has been achieved so far, and we expect to see more great food and enjoyable evenings be produced in the future!

To book in or make an enquiry, call in directly at 9088 0000 or visit their website or Facebook page for more information.


Breakfast – continental or fully cooked
6.00am to 9.00am – Monday to Friday
6.00am to 9.00am – Saturday
7.00am to 9.00am – Sunday

Dinner – 5pm until 8.30pm – 7 days a week.


Sinead Porter
Creative Writer
We Love KB