We Love KB Blog

17th November 2017

EXCLUSIVE: Mr & Mrs Claus to appear at Christmas Street Party!

The Lighting of the Christmas Tree Street Party turns 10 this year and with some exciting new additions to the program it’s bigger and better than ever! We Love KB got the scoop from Mr & Mrs Claus ahead of their visit to Kalgoorlie Boulder on November 26th.

WELOVEKB: Thank you for taking some time out of your very busy schedule to chat with us, Mr and Mrs Claus! The youngsters of Kalgoorlie are really looking forward to seeing you again at this year’s Lighting of the Christmas Tree Street Party.

MR & MRS CLAUS: Thank you for inviting us back again – we wouldn’t miss it for the world and the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder are very accommodating with their scheduling! Kalgoorlie-Boulder is one of our favourite places to visit – it’s fantastic to get back out into regional WA and experience the warm and friendly hospitality of the locals. As you’re aware, the North Pole is always bitterly cold so it’s nice to relax by the pool and spend some quality time with Mrs Claus here in the golden outback.

WELOVEKB: What activities are you most looking forward to at this year’s Street Party?

MR & MRS CLAUS: As always, Christmas is all about the children and we enjoy meeting the young ones of the Goldfields – listening to what they hope for this Christmas – hearing whether they have been naughty or nice – finding out which children will be showing their appreciation to parents, teachers and siblings over the festive season. We enjoy seeing friends and family come together to celebrate the spirit of Christmas.

WELOVEKB: We hear that you are relocating your grotto this year to a top secret location in the Kalgoorlie CBD! Can you tell us anymore about that?

MR & MRS CLAUS: It wouldn’t be a secret if we told you! Keep an eye out for the trail of snow at the Lighting of the Christmas Tree Street Party as this will lead you to our new location!

WELOVEKB: How does the naughty/nice ratio in Kalgoorlie Boulder compare to the national average?

MR & MRS CLAUS: Kalgoorlie-Boulder is special – here all the kids are nice, sometimes they just forget to show it! We’ll be sure to remind them on November 26!

WELOVEKB: Last year’s fireworks were absolutely spectacular, set off in close proximity to the CBD. What can we expect for this year’s fireworks show?

MR & MRS CLAUS: The Street Party fireworks are always sensational and this year will be no exception – you will see them light up the sky from right above us on Hannan Street!

WELOVEKB: We hope that you will have some time to explore our town before heading back to the North Pole! What are your favourite spots to Shop, Eat, Drink, Pamper and Play in Kalgoorlie Boulder?

MR & MRS CLAUS: Of course we start every visit at the Kalgoorlie Boulder Visitor Centre, the friendly staff are always so helpful and have some great tips on all the best places to see in KB. We also like taking time out to enjoy the beautiful, green open spaces the city has to offer such as Hammond Park, pop into the Golf Course for lunch and then take a dip in the pool at the Oasis (and have a few turns on the big water slide!). We hear there’s a Christmas Show at the Goldfields Arts Centre called ‘The Kazoo’s Christmas Show – The Search for Santa’. I didn’t realise I was lost but we hope they can find me!

The Lighting of the Christmas Tree Street Party will be held 26 November from 5.30pm to 7.30pm on Hannan & Cassidy Streets. Look out for our special geofilter on Snapchat!