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2nd January 2017

Finders Keepers – Love stories from the Goldfields

We’re all about love here at We Love KB, we love the lifestyle, our beautiful landscape, the business opportunities, our vibrant community and for some of us, we’ve fallen in love here too.


Blame it on those Kalgoorlie sunsets

For some people, Kalgoorlie Boulder was meant to be a short affair, a placement for work or a stop through on the way to Perth or the Eastern states. How many times have you heard;

“I came for a year but met someone, we’ve now got 2 or 3 kids and a house”?

“I didn’t know anyone when I moved here but now I’m surrounded by friends and my family came to join me”?

“I thought I would hate it here but it’s amazing the opportunities I’ve had and the support I get from our community”?

Meeting people at ‘Orphan Christmases’, workplaces, sporting teams and social hotspots (i.e: The Gold Bar) we’re noticing that many people who were either born in Kalgoorlie Boulder or came for employment have found not only love with others but just like us have grown in a supportive environment and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

This February in true celebration of Valentine’s Day, We Love KB are going to shine a spotlight on the lovers of the Goldfields in an article titled, “Finders Keepers, love stories from the Goldfields”.

Whether it’s the love of  your life, the tale of how your grandparents met or how you’ve flourished as an individual living in Kalgoorlie Boulder we’d love to feature your story!

Share the highlights of your experience in a message to us and we’ll send around a photographer and writer to get the goss on your Goldfields love story.