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16th February 2017

Goldfields Love Story: Bec and Billy-Ray

Billy Ray Stokes proposes to his girlfriend Bec on stage at the Goldfields Arts Centre

Billy Ray Stokes proposes to his girlfriend Bec on stage at the Goldfields Arts Centre

It’s probably the most epic proposal story ever.

Billy Stokes’ story about how he asked his girlfriend Bec to marry him starts with lies, a surprise plane-trip, and a blindfold.

It culminated with Billy proposing to Bec on stage at the Goldfields Arts Centre, surrounded by 300 candles, in front of their friends and family.

Luckily, she said yes.

Billy, director of photography at Brand L’Or outlines the proposal on his blog. In a nutshell, he managed to persuade Bec – a talented chef – to hop on a plane from Perth to Kalgoorlie, where their friends and family were in on the plan.

He writes that after a romantic dinner at the Chinese Gardens at the Miners’ Hall of Fame, and romantic drive to Mt Charlotte, he asked Bec to put on a blindfold…

“I took my Becca Rose’s hand, and walked her into the corridor (at the Goldfields Arts Centre). She asks me, where are we? Why is there an echo?

“We walked onto the back of the stage, and you could see the faintest glow of the candles. I stopped to turn to Bec, and took the blindfold off. Still having no idea of what was to come next, I gently took her hand in mine, and led her in view of the candles. Candles in the shape of a big love heart.

“Standing at the peak of the heart, I took her hands in mine, as our fingers fell win each others. I looked her deep in her eyes, and began confessing my love and adoration for her. Lowering myself down on one knee, I glanced up, and all I could hear was the girl who was soon to be my fiancee, whispering, “Oh Bear… oh Bear…

“Out of my back pocket, I pulled a small box, and looking up at Rebecca Rose, asked her the question I had been waiting to ask her for so long.

“Will you marry me?”

“I listened for the word, and sure enough, my ears were graced with a yes.

“Slowly the lights came on and a roar like I have never heard took over the auditorium…”


Goldfields Arts Centre and Gallery

The centre attraction 35 Cheetham Street T: 08 9021 0999


Georgia Loney is a journalist who recommends every lonely-heart visit Kalgoorlie-Boulder. It might just change your life. It was there she met her now-husband, not at the pub, but when reporting at a local council meeting.  When she’s not interviewing couples about how they met, Georgia enjoys lipstick, knitting and chihuahuas.

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