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16th February 2017

Goldfields Love Story: Chanelle & Joe

Chanelle Gericke and highschool sweetheart Joe McKenzie. Photo by Jasmine Emily Photography& Design

Chanelle Gericke and highschool sweetheart Joe McKenzie. Photo by Jasmine Emily Photography & Design

Hairdresser Chanelle Gericke won the heart of her partner Joe through pizza.

The pair met in Kambalda, where Joe was an apprentice boilermaker in Chanelle’s father’s business. Chanelle remembers thinking when they first met, “Who is this goofy long haired boy?”

“I was very shy, and he was very loud and outgoing, so he definitely brought me out of my shell and I kind of tamed him down a bit,” she explains.

Despite being shy, it was Chanelle that make the first move – over pizza.

“My group of friends went driving with his group of friends because we all kind of hung out together,” she explains,

“So i went out and bought three pizzas and we sat eating pizza and talked for hours. So I won his heart over with pizza!”

The couple have been together for 10 years, and Chanelle says Joe has done more for her than words can say.

“My favorite is when he leaves me little love notes on the kitchen bench nearly every day that say, miss you already, can’t wait to see you this afternoon, smile, you’re beautiful. He is such a big hearted guy who always makes me smile and always makes me feel warm, loved and appreciated.”

Chanelle says they plan to see more of the world and what exciting adventures it has to offer.

“There’s nothing better then to go on adventures with the love of your life right by your side,” she says.

“Nothing gets better than that for me.”

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Georgia Loney is a journalist who recommends every lonely-heart visit Kalgoorlie-Boulder. It might just change your life. It was there she met her now-husband, not at the pub, but when reporting at a local council meeting.  When she’s not interviewing couples about how they met, Georgia enjoys lipstick, knitting and chihuahuas.

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