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15th February 2017

Goldfields Love Story: Lauren & Ronnie

Ronald & Lauren Craig on their wedding day

Ronald & Lauren Craig on their wedding day

Lauren and Ronald Craig spent the early years of their relationship on the phone.

The pair met back in 2001, at a wedding in Perth. Lauren was just 18, and working at a law firm in Perth and Ronnie was 29, and working as a process technician in Kalgoorlie, but they ‘just clicked’.

“We were comfortable together, and he was funny,” Lauren remembers. “He came back to Kalgoorlie and we kept in contact over the phone, and we saw each other once a month, when he came up on the train.

“We had a really good friendship, and there were some very expensive phone-calls!

“I just felt comfortable speaking to him, and felt I could be myself, and I didn’t feel I needed to be fake.”

Ronnie moved to Perth to be with Lauren in 2003, and the pair married in 2006, after Ronnie proposed at Lauren’s sister’s house, having asked her parents permission.

The young family – their daughter was born in 2010- did a stint in Port Hedland, until Ronnie was made redundant in 2015, meaning they had to make a decision about where they wanted their future to be.

“We decided we liked the small town country lifestyle, and Ronnie grew up in Kalgoorlie, so it made sense to move here where we had that family base around us,” Lauren said. “In Port Hedland, we’d been on our own.”

A year after making the move from Port Hedland, the family is loving their life in the Goldfields.

“I love it, I like being able to go to the shops and see familiar faces, and bump into family friends, and not spend hours in traffic, and we’re really only a drive away from my  family,” Lauren says.

“We wanted our daughter to grow up here, she’s  real bush kid, she loves getting down in the red dirt.”

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Georgia Loney is a journalist who recommends every lonely-heart visit Kalgoorlie-Boulder. It might just change your life. It was there she met her now-husband, not at the pub, but when reporting at a local council meeting.  When she’s not interviewing couples about how they met, Georgia enjoys lipstick, knitting and chihuahuas.

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