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13th February 2017

Goldfields Love Story: Lisa & Ben

Lisa & Ben Burge's Goldfields Wedding

Lisa & Ben Burge’s Goldfields Wedding

Plenty of Goldfields love stories start at the pub. Not as many start in a church.

Jeweller Lisa Burge (lisafreethdesigns.com.au) laughs when she recounts her and husband Ben don’t have “the usual pub story.”

The pair met back in 2007, at their local C3 church, shortly after Lisa arrive in Kalgoorlie from Perth. Lisa admits she found the first few months in town tough going.

“I was actually thinking of moving back to Perth,” she says.

“At Christmas time, I went back and spent some time with my family, I hadn’t made my decision.

“And then Ben got my number from a friend at church, and he contacted me, and when I got back to Kalgoorlie we started hanging out…”

Lisa soon realised she’d found a gem in Ben.

“One day when I was working as a temp, I missed the bus, and he’d told me that if I ever needed a ride, to give him a call. This was like at six in the morning.

“I gave him a call, and he said yeah, I’ll be right over. And I was working in Kambalda!”

But what sealed the deal was when Ben organised a special birthday celebration at Rydges for Lisa’s birthday, while the pair were still ‘just friends.’ He gave her two special pieces of jewellery, beautifully wrapped.  Months later, he told her that he’d bought them years before, planning to give them to the woman he would marry.

Ben and Lisa have been married for nearly eight years, Lisa designing and making their wedding rings. Lisa’s ring featured a design of a rainbow of precious stones, while Ben’s featured a nugget of gold.

“I don’t think I would have met someone like him if I hadn’t come to Kalgoorlie. In Perth, in my experience, guys were more shallow and into themselves, she says.

“It all fell into place, we must have been meant for each other.”

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Georgia Loney is a journalist who recommends every lonely-heart visit Kalgoorlie-Boulder. It might just change your life. It was there she met her now-husband, not at the pub, but when reporting at a local council meeting.  When she’s not interviewing couples about how they met, Georgia enjoys lipstick, knitting and chihuahuas.

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