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14th February 2017

Goldfields Love Story: Maria & Scott

Maria & Scott Wilson with their now teenage sons Jake, Roy and Mark

Maria & Scott Wilson with their now teenage sons Jake, Roy and Mark

Maria and Scott Wilson joke that patience is the secret to their 25-year-marriage, but say living in Kalgoorlie-Boulder has helped them stay strong.

Despite meeting in Perth, their love story is very much set in the Goldfields.

The couple met back in 1986, and were matched up by friends. But it was another five years before the pair would marry; Maria had the travel bug and was considering another stint of globe-trotting, unless Scott proposed.

“It was a leap year, and I threatened that I would propose to him unless he hurried up,” she laughed. “He got in (to propose) on February 28, and we married the following year.”

The newly-weds moved to Kalgoorlie-Boulder 23 years ago, when Maria was pregnant with the first of their three sons, so Scott could continue his mining and prospecting business.

While some take some time to warm the state’s gold capital, Maria fell in love straight away. “I loved it from the first day I was here,” she said.

“I’d done a bit of travelling, and come back to Perth and got married, and I just felt like I needed to get out. “Kalgoorlie-Boulder was just right, it was friendly, it was big enough, but it wasn’t too big.”

Maria works from home as a reflexologist and Scott is still mining and prospecting, as well as being the president of the Eastern Goldfields Historical Society.

Scott says the close-knit community and making the most of the Kalgoorlie-Boulder lifestyle by going out camping and BMX riding, has helped their family of three boys stay strong.

“We’ve got a loving family environment, and that’s important, it would be hard if the family wasn’t happy living here,” he says.

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Georgia Loney is a journalist who recommends every lonely-heart visit Kalgoorlie-Boulder. It might just change your life. It was there she met her now-husband, not at the pub, but when reporting at a local council meeting.  When she’s not interviewing couples about how they met, Georgia enjoys lipstick, knitting and chihuahuas.

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