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10th June 2016

Kalgoorlie Boulder Outback inspires Poetic Traveller

Mike Hancock’s birthday surprise trip to Australia has left him loving Kalgoorlie Boulder but not so sure about our little friends!

Mike and Sue Hancock visit Kalgoorlie Boulder | We Love Kb The Outback inspires Poetic Traveller in Kalgoorlie Boulder

Travelling from the UK to spend time with family in Kalgoorlie Boulder, Mike and Sue Hancock prepared to board the bus for the unique Super Pit Tour.


He wrote us a poem that we would like to share with you…

I Love Australia

I’ve just come back from Australia
(it was a sort of a birthday surprise)
Where the beer is as cold as a polar bear’s bum –
And of course the bloody flies!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love it there –
Like Christmas and mum’s mince pies.
But there’s a couple of things that pee me off –
Especially the bloody flies!

Why is the booze so bloody dear?
Why is it such a big size?
Why is it sometimes so bloody hot –
And why are there so many flies?

The Ozzies need a competition,
With a really stonking prize,
Awarded to the bloody genius
Who eradicates all of the flies!

They cover your face, your ears and nose –
Your tee shirt, your shorts and your eyes.
You’d have to say that it would be paradise –
Apart from the bloody flies!

So if you’re headed down under mate,
Here’s a word to the wise:
Be prepared to suffer the annoyance
Of the millions of bloody flies!

That’s my rant – it’s over now –
Ignore my many cries,
I love the place – I’ll be back again soon –
Despite the bloody flies!!

Mike Hancock UK


Golden Quest Discovery Trail

An award winning self-drive adventure in Western Australia's Goldfields 47-49 Boulder Road, Kalgoorlie T: 0408 511 969