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19th May 2020

Kalgoorlie-Boulder Outdoor Escapes

Kalgoorlie Boulder Outdoor Activies We Love KB

Photo Credit: @jacleroux_

Escape Isolation!

Feel stuck at home lately? Or maybe you’ve lived in the city for a while, but you’ve never really ventured further than to work or the shops. Well now is as perfect time as any to take a journey deep into the Goldfields, and really find what hidden treasures our beautiful desert paradise has on show. 


Karlkurla Bushland Park

Perhaps one of Kalgoorlie’s best nature reserves has to be Karlkurla Park, translating to ‘silky pear’ in Aborginal Wangkatha, which are abundant here! Take a walk through the 4km of beautiful bush land scenery, accompanied by cobblestone walkways and an array of native plant life. Kangaroos, bobtail lizards, mulga snakes and a range of wild birds have been spotted in the area, while Katunga lookout at the top of the hill provides excellent sunrise and set views. Located at the end of Nankiville Road, in Hannans.

Karlkurla Park Kalgoorlie Boulder We Love KB

Photo Credit: Kalgoorlie Boulder Urban Landcare Group


Red Hill Lookout

If you’ve never taken the chance to venture out of our city, Kambalda is the perfect place to start. The town itself is split into East and West and has a rich history of mining like Kalgoorlie, but is more attractively located on the western edge of Lake LeFroy. Conveniently, you can spot the panoramic views from the top of the Red Hill Lookout, located in Kambalda East. The lookout is welcome to picnickers and tourists alike, to soak up the vibrant colours of the desert bloom and trek across the beautiful landscape.

Kambalda East Red Hill Lookout Kalgoorlie Boulder We Love KB

Photo Credit: Our GEMS

Kalgoorlie Arboretum

This walking trail is set along 26 hectares of bushland, and is home to various species of native flora. The Arboretum is welcoming to our furry friends, where they can enjoy a leisurely walk along the treeline, with a small dam accompanying the park. Relax on the grassy area below the gum trees, you can even birdwatch the array of amazing bird species residing along the waterside. 

Kalgoorlie Arboretum is located on Hawkins Street, adjacent to Hammond Park.

Kalgoorlie Arboretum Boulder We Love KB

Photo Credit: Andrew Tyndall

Lake Ballard

Take a trip with the family to the saline wetlands of the Goldfields, where you can discover the mysterious sculptures scattering the salt lake. The unique figures were created by Antony Gormley, in which he derived 51 of them from laser scans of the community of Menzies, who mostly still inhabit the town today. Immerse yourself in the Mulga woodlands surrounding the lake, with a rich array of flora and fauna outstretching beyond the shore.
The trip to Lake Ballard from Kalgoorlie is about 2 hours, including a 132km drive to Menzies, and a further 51km to the lake. Please note that it is important to check road conditions with the Shire of Menzies prior to departing.

Photo Credit: campermate.com.au

Mount Charlotte Reservoir and Lookout

It is close to where Irish settler Paddy Hannan first struck gold, sparking the gold rush and the need for water in the Goldfields. And so began the building of the 506km pipeline between Kalgoorlie and the Mundaring Weir, finally erected in 1903. 

Mount Charlotte gives picturesque views overlooking Kalgoorlie-Boulder, with a spectacular display of lights throughout the city at night. The lookout offers historical facts and informational plaques to help us further our knowledge into the great engineering feats faced by the men who built the pipeline.

Today, the Mount Charlotte Reservoir stands as not only a historical landmark for the city, but also remains the town’s backup water supply, as the main holding tank is now located on Mt Percy, which was constructed in 1985.

Located along Goldfields Highway, near Boorara Rd.

Mount Charlotte We Love KB Kalgoorlie Boulder

Photo Credit: @exploreshaw

Hammond Park

This little sanctuary is known to most local residents as our best recreational park, welcoming visitors of all ages. Hammond Park offers a diverse range of activities, like the native bird and animal reserve, housing: ducks, parrots, galas, kangaroos, emus and more.  

Peacocks also like to freely roam the park often, the male birds showcase beautiful feather displays during mating season. Within the park are multiple playgrounds for kids of different ages and abilities, as well as a wheelchair swing and sheltered seating. The park is very popular with families and functions, as the location also offers two separate BBQ areas, a large gazebo area AND the Plum Cafe. Enjoy a coffee and bring the kids for a day of discovery and fun!
Located on Memorial Drive, Kalgoorlie.

Hammond Park Kalgoorlie Boulder We Love KB

Photo Credit: australiasgoldenoutback.com


As you can see, Kalgoorlie-Boulder and our surrounding areas have an abundance of places to visit, especially as restrictions are lifted and we have more access to nature and the freedom to explore. 

We love seeing the community getting out and about! Tag us in your pretty sunset pictures at #WeLoveKB on Instagram or Facebook.


Sinead Porter

Creative Writer

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