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13th September 2020

Make it Easy: Your 2020 Guide to Spring Cleaning

It’s time for the dreaded cold weather to come to an end. The bees are out, the birds are chirping and it’s time for that annual Spring clean up!

With a bit of organisation and a can-do attitude, it is all entirely possible…along with a little help from us, of course! ‘So, where do I begin?’ You may be thinking. It’s quite simple.

Create a schedule – which areas of your house need work? Separate your list room-by-room, making it easier to tackle over a few days. Which areas are neglected in the usual tidy ups? Note these areas, as they will likely need a bit of extra love.

Make another list of any big items that are taking up space rather than serving a purpose. Maybe an old treadmill that’s collecting dust in the shed, or that sandwich press that never got taken out of the box. The more you look, the more you’re likely to find a surplus of items that could be better recycled to someone else.

Sell or donate old clothes, books and furniture you can’t find a use for, that way you can make a few bucks and help keep money in the community.

Spring Cleaning We Love KB Kalgoorlie Boulder

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It makes it easier by staring from the top – by this I mean, begin with wiping down dirty walls and clearing cobwebs, followed by dusting furniture and THEN finish off with the vacuum and mop. Doing so in this order will ensure you won’t need to re-clean the same surfaces you’ve already been over!

Shake out the dust and dirt from floor mats, and wipe down outdoor tables and furniture. Replacing towels and bed linen is also important if it’s been a while. Remember, pillows should be replaced ideally every 1-2 years!
Make sure to dust over high surfaces, like the top of the fridge, overhead cabinets and the range hood. Dust down blinds and sanitise any remote controls laying around. Scrub down those dusty baseboards, window and sliding door tracks; we all know that Kalgoorlie-Boulder red dust gets EVERYWHERE! 

Spring Cleaning We Love KB Kalgoorlie Boulder

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Sort through that miscellaneous junk drawer in your home, and medicine cabinets, too! Throwing away near-empty and expired items will help limit the needless clutter and make way for a tidier space.

Re-organise your closet place, trust me! The best thing I did for my bedroom this year was assemble all of my clothing into four categories: Keep, Store, Toss or Donate. I stored away clothing that had gotten a bit small (I’m sure we all gained a few kilos during coronavirus season) and clothes that are too hot and heavy for the warmer months. If I hadn’t worn it in the past six months, it would be donated. Clothes with holes or stains went to the tip. Organise your closet the way you find it functional, whether it be by colour, size, occasion, the possibilities are endless – and will save you so much space!

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I know defrosting the freezer seems like a hassle, but it is all well worth it for the end result, especially for deep freezers that haven’t had a touch of cleaning done in a while. Fridges are the same story. Wipe out any shelves or trays, and chuck out anything freezer burnt that wouldn’t be worth saving.
I know how many times I’ve overbought on food for special occasions that was just excessive – donating any non-perishable food I no longer find use for helps me find a sense of altruism, while knowing that the items will go to someone in need. 

Why wash your clothes in a stinky machine? Disinfect your washer using white vinegar and baking soda, run the machine on the hot water cycle with detergent, and let it sit for an hour. Restart your machine, let the water drain and wipe dry. This will keep clothes smelling fresh, and your washing machine in tip-top order! 

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Don’t forget your air! Cleaning air conditioning vents and filters, as well as ceiling fans and light fixtures will eliminate dust and particles in the air, allowing for a freshly aired home for Springtime. Investing in an air purifier can also work wonders, especially in homes with children or people with allergies. (Helpful hint: Now would be a good time to check the batteries in the smoke detectors!)

Spring cleans don’t always have to be about dusting and vacuuming. Sometimes, all we need is a refreshed perspective. Light, bright colours on neutral toned backgrounds leave a lasting impression, and give that subtle pop needed for brightening up any home.
I find it helps to scroll through Pinterest for some ideas and decor inspiration. I personally love displaying houseplants, I feel they offer a more cosier atmosphere.
Striking accent pillows coupled with neutral tone throw blankets, a new rug or even a piece of vibrant artwork that suits your personality would suffice flawlessly in balancing the perfect vibe for Spring. 

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We hope we could be of some assistance in your efforts for a healthier, happier home this Spring, and wish our readers the best of luck on their Spring cleaning journey.
If you’ve found any clever hacks or would like to share some decor inspo, use our hashtag #welovekb on Facebook or Instagram to be featured! 

Sinead Porter
Creative Writer
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