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10th December 2016

Meet Tanya & Eshe from Goldfields Revitalise

We Love KB writer and photographer Georgia Foulkes-Taylor gets better acquainted with the dynamic mother daughter team behind Goldfields Revitalise.


“Sometimes you do forget to look back and see what you’ve achieved.” Eshe Christie and her mum, Tanya Kemp, have been building their business Goldfields Revitalise for five years now. They have gone from Tanya practicing in a small home studio, through a shared space in a public building, to their brand new very own premises, which officially threw open its doors last month.

The business now provides a huge range of services which range from traditional massage to holistic health services and lymphatic massage. The team have also branched out into community caring activities like a trades swap board and a fresh produce share basket. Tanya said these ‘old fashioned’ systems were designed to connect people. “With our help you can put your skills out there and also your needs, and with our help we can connect people that can help each other,” she said.


The team have recently returned from a professional rock tape course, and have a ‘Trying to Conceive’ holistic info night and Youth retreat in the works.  Within the holistic health range, Eshe and Tanya can offer kinesiology, reflexology, reiki and spiritual healing. Eshe said within the business itself the women aim to provide a peaceful and productive space.

She said she has recently been practicing verbal praise, making sure Tanya knows she recognises her hard work. “Because it’s a mother-daughter relationship, you do slightly take that person for granted sometimes,” she said. “When we started working together I think we started recognising our differences as skill sets, and strengths. At work I look at Tanya in a business way and it’s easier to recognised strengths and work practices that way. As mother and daughter we’re so different, and personality-wise there were clashes. Working together we’ve come to really appreciate each other’s strengths. The best part of this is knowing we have seen each other at our absolute worst and our absolute best. We see the potential in each other, and on the other side I know if I put a silly idea forward I know I’ve got nothing to lose.”


Tanya agrees, saying Eshe is like her sounding board. “She started showing an interest early on, and I’ve always included her in the business decisions,” she said. “She’s a clever girl and she’s always honest, so we can talk about things and work things out together. Sometimes she challenges me because she’s so honest. I wouldn’t be telling the truth if I didn’t say we didn’t have our moments where we disagreed, but that comes with being honest. We can always see the merit in each other and we challenge and push each other personally and business-wise.”

The reason many of the services the business offers are in practice is because Eshe and Tanya have identified gaps in the market in Kalgoorlie-Boulder. One of their aims is to provide physical support for new mothers, and feminine balance for all women.
These include one-to-one baby massage sessions which Tanya runs, as well as maternity massage, yoni massage which is for feminine balance and fertility.


It’s obvious to me the relationship between this mother and daughter team is one of the driving successes of the business. Both women are very well aware of both who they are as individuals, and how they relate to each other.  This kind of awareness is so rare, and really refreshing to hear. It’s a certain kind of emotional maturity to be able to recognise strength and weakness in the self.

Both women are also quick to praise the other. “Her biggest one is her organisational skills,” Eshe says about Tanya. “They are a-ma-zing and I envy her so much on that part. She always jokes I’m organised chaos, but I’ve always been that way. Her care factor; her nurturing nature is amazing. She can just keep going. Sometimes I look at her and think oh my god mum, I would have just walked away, but she just keeps going and she brings out something in people. She goes the extra mile to make sure they get what they need. My biggest drive is my Mum. Seeing her succeed, and going back to clients and seeing how we’ve been able to help them – seeing the business thrive – it just works.”


Tanya never lets herself take full credit for the business growing so rapidly though. She always acknowledges Eshe’s contribution. “I think because Eshe is young and innocent, she stops me overthinking and overanalysing,” Tanya says. “She helps me see it as it is. I always think it’s better to give it a crack rather than sitting on your arse wishing you’d done it. She has a fresh approach to issues.” Having been through a lot together, the women both agreed working together only strengthens their personal relationship.
“We know each other’s potential,” Eshe says.


Goldfields Revitalise and Infantastic

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Georgia Foulkes-Taylor has two arts degrees and actually uses them every day. She’s a creative producer, multimedia specialist and adventurer, who works on creating meaningful and long-lasting culture. She grew up here, loves donuts and really really really enjoys yoga.