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21st November 2020

National Road Safety Week 2020

This week from the 15th to the 22nd is National Road Safety Week across Australia, an annual initiative implemented by national road safety organisations and the Federal Government. 

Did you know that traffic injury is the biggest killer of children under 15, and the second-biggest of Australians aged between 15 to 24 in Australia? More than 1200 people are killed, with another 44,000 seriously injured on our local roads every year.

Road Safety Week is to not only highlight the key impacts of road trauma and ways in which to reduce it, but to raise awareness of an issue so common within our society. 

People across the country are donning yellow ribbons as a tribute to those who have lost their lives to road-related incidents. You may have even spotted bouquets of yellow around our local schools and at the Department of Transport!

Photo: Dept. of Transport & Hannans Primary School


There are a few other ways you can get involved and show your support for National Road Safety Week: 

  • Wear a yellow ribbon or put one on your car
  • Pledge to make the roads safer
  • Remove distractions and never use your mobile phone while driving
  • Don’t drive tired or under the influence!
  • Talk to others about how they can reduce their own risk as a driver, for their safety and the safety of others.


Take the ‘Pledge to Drive, So Others Survive!’ to reinforce safer driving habits within your own community.

  • I pledge to drive as if my loved ones are on the road ahead.
  • I will remove all distractions and never use my mobile phone while driving.
  • I will not put other people at risk by speeding, driving while tired or under the influence of alcohol/drugs.
  • I will protect all vulnerable road users, especially those whose job places them in harm’s way, by slowing down and giving them the space they need to be safe.

So far, over 33,600 and counting pledges have been made during 2020 to ensure safer roads around the country. 

For more resources and information on safe driving within Western Australia, visit the Transport Department website here


The greatest gift you can give to your loved ones is to arrive home safely. Please use caution, be aware of vulnerable road users and most of all – stay safe on the roads this coming holiday season!

Sinead Porter
Creative Writer
We Love KB