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6th June 2017

New Venue, Big International Menu – Multicultural Festival 2017

The Goldfields Arts Centre forecourt and roadside is set to become a twilight markets and foodie festival with taste, sight and sounds inspired by countries all over the world at the upcoming Multicultural Street Festival.

Originally held at Centennial Park during the daytime, the City of Kalgoorlie Boulder are relaunching this popular inclusive event in the centre of KB on Saturday June 10th from 4pm to 8pm for a twilight twist. Although the venue and time have changed you can still expect great musical and dance performances, market stalls and spectacular international food – with a new addition of a pop-up Beaten Track Brewery bar!

Coincidentally, the festival is on the same day as the Goldfields Arts Centre performance, Cirque Africa. This travelling troupe consist of over 20 artists who originate from 6 different African countries and they’re bringing with them traditional choreography spiced with a high energy acts and colourful costumes. Bookings for this show are pushing the 700 seat auditorium to capacity so if you’d like to see this one-off performance we suggest you book now!

The show begins at 7:30pm so there’s plenty of time  to browse the market stalls and grab a bite to eat. We’ll admit, we’re drawn to this festival for the food and we’re really excited about the varied amount of dishes available. It’s like experiencing a world foodie tour in a couple of  hours (and, in our own backyard).

Authentic Asian flavours will be represented by many different vendors hailing from the South East and include traditional Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Filipino menus. A large offering of mouth watering curries and sweets will be on offer from India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

Our nearest international neighbours will be represented with food vendors offering New Zealand and Papua New Guinean fare. From even further afield, you can expect to see menus with dishes from Brazil, Italy, South Africa, North America and the Middle East!

Share dishes with friends and family at the long table set-up (in the middle of the closed Cassidy street!) with the warmth of gas fired heaters to take the chill off and ropes of fairy lights to add to the atmosphere. If you’re over 18, take the opportunity to meet Nick and the Beaten Track Brewery crew at their impromptu garden bar on the TAFE side of the street. On tap will be local brewed beers and ciders and some international tasters too.

From pretty much everywhere in this new street festival venue you can see the performance stage. On the line-up are local dance academy’s and cultural groups, musicians playing traditional and contemporary tunes and the ever popular Golden Banghra Group with their infectious Bollywood style dance – they got the crowd got on their feet last year!

We’d love for you and your family and friends to join us on Saturday the 10th. Together we shall meet our neighbours and learn more about the melting pot of cultures and history that makes up the Kalgoorlie Boulder community. If you hail from an exotic location (or were born here even) please consider wearing clothing and accessories to represent your home country.

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