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14th February 2017

New Year, New You : Personal Development in Kalgoorlie Boulder

Local Kalgoorlie-Boulder resident Iris Haynes offers group workshops and one-on-one mentoring sessions to people who are looking to build emotional confidence.

Nurture Yourself Mentor Iris Haynes wearing denim posing on floor

Many New Year’s resolutions are based on making changes to our diet or amount of physical activity. But, what about our minds?

Iris Haynes, creator of Nurture Yourself Mentor, is a firm believer of strengthening emotional confidence to help us tackle daily challenges and prepare us for what feels like insurmountable tasks. The programs she has compiled are more than brain training puzzles and at times you may feel confronted but the journey and results are rewarding.

“Iris is a friendly, interactive mentor and has great interpersonal skills. Iris is very creative and is easily understood. Iris is a wonderful mentor helping you to understand your emotions better!” – Lorraine K., Participant.

What are the benefits to joining an Emotional Confidence Workshop?

  •  Increase self-awareness and build self-love
  • Create a toolkit of knowledge and resources to support you in your journey
  • Become more mindful and learn how this technique can help you grow
  • Feel motivated to achieve goals and maintain a calm, happy state

Considering the amount of self love that is encouraged, Iris  is quick to point out that this behaviour is not selfish or narcissistic, “Far from it, it means you know how the inner life of your mind and body works. It allows you to digest your own emotional experiences rather than outsource your moods and feelings to others around you.”

The next six week workshop course begins soon.

Build Your Emotional Confidence Workshop by Iris Haynes Nuture Yourself Mentor Kalgoorlie Boulder flyer

You can sign up via the Nurture Yourself Mentor website.

Workshops are held weekly over 6 weeks and each session is 2 hours long. As part of your mentoring you will also be partnered with another participant and together you can help each other through the process. Iris has created a tremendous amount of value for attendees including a 45 page personal workbook and private Facebook group for discussions outside of the sessions.

Other services that Iris facilitates include Emotional Fitness workshops for Men,  Mediation sessions and one on one personal growth mentoring.  Check out the Nurture Yourself Mentor Facebook page for the latest offers and events.




Nurture Yourself Mentor | Build Emotional Confidence

Mentoring women to self-coach their mind to experience a deeper sense of self, leading to more self-love and confidence. PO Box 221 T: 0420 471 461