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27th December 2020

Improving Your Livelihood: Resolutions for 2021


Let’s start out with a simple truth: 2020 hasn’t been kind to any of us. We have faced the global coronavirus pandemic, challenges of social distancing, it has been one of the warmest years on record, and let’s not forget that our country was up in flames for half of the year!

Living in a stressful time, keeping a positive outlook and approach to life is the key to happiness. As the year dwindles to a finish, we can take a moment to reflect on all the bad that has occurred, or we can take those bad times as opportunities for growth and prosperity for a better year to come. 

Although it might seem cliché, New Year’s resolutions can be a great way to start your journey to a more balanced, harmonious way of life. 

Take some time to write down what you’re grateful for, what you wish to change or improve, and what goals you hope to achieve in the future.

Resolutions can be whatever you want them to be. It could be your health, connection to loved ones, travel, time management, kicking a bad habit or maybe even developing a good one, like making your bed every morning. 

To help kickstart the process of finding the perfect resolution(s) to fit your life, we have made a list of our top 5 for 2021:


Build a budget

  • The main dramas for the majority of people this year has been financial insecurity. Now is the perfect time to curate a personalised budget with realistic savings goals and STICK TO IT! You won’t believe just how quickly your dollars add up! 

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Take the road less travelled 

  • The travel bug died briefly in many of us this year, but not for long! With border restrictions easing by the day, now is the perfect chance to get out and about and explore Western Australia for all of it’s natural beauty. (Or should we say, Wander Out Yonder!)

Photo Credit: Michael Haluwana (@aeroture_aus on IG)

Own a plant

  • The presence of an indoor plant has been proven to lower stress and improve the air quality, while the active care of a plant helps to calm the autonomic nervous system, lowers blood pressure and improves levels of concentration. 

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Drink those fluids

  • This one is on the list for obvious reasons. We all know how important it is to stay hydrated, and the overload of sugary drinks and alcohol through quarantine hasn’t done us any favours!

Photo Credit: freshwatersystems.com

Stop being so hard on yourself

  • All in all, a great deal of events in 2020 have been shocking, disappointing and tiresome. Please give yourself the benefit of knowing that we’ve all suffered in one way or another. You’re not the only one with piled up dirty laundry or an extra 10kg on the scales post-COVID-19. 

Photo Credit: diddiandmo.co.uk


Give yourself a pat on the back for getting through a really tough time, and be proud that you’re on the right track for a better, brighter 2021.

Here’s to you smashing your goals in the year to come!

Happy New Year!


Sinead Porter
Creative Writer
We Love KB