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5th October 2020

OcSober: Lose the booze to help Aussie kids

This month, in support of Life Education’s national fundraising initiative, people across the country are pledging to ‘say no’ to alcohol throughout October.

This year has been a total rollercoaster; I think we can all agree that 2020 was just NOT our year. With that being said, some of us have turned to alcohol as a source of enjoyment and enhancing our sociability. 

With a big week of racecourse shenanigans as well as other events across the city, a lot of us are feeling burnt out, and financially exhausted. 

Taking a little break from drinking is always beneficial, while showing support to a tremendous organisation dedicated to looking after Aussie kids, is the biggest bonus of all!

The OcSober campaign raises money for Life Education’s vital drug and health education program, supporting both primary and high schools to strengthen their drug and health initiatives. 

All monies go directly toward teaching children the skills and knowledge to say ‘no’ to drugs and alcohol.

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Life Education believes their main responsibility is providing exceptional preventative health education to our young people, to prevent future cases of alcohol-related traumas.

Putting this plan into action alongside iconic giraffe mascot Healthy Harold, the organisation has engaged with more than 710,000 children each year.

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Let’s get serious for a minute…

According to the Institute of Health and Welfare, in the past year one in four Australians have consumed alcohol at levels placing them at risk of harm on a single occasion, at least monthly.
While one in six people have consumed alcohol at levels placing them at lifetime risk of an alcohol-related disease or injury. 

These figures are pretty shocking. Hopefully with the efforts of our national community, we can strive to lower these numbers and protect our collective health and well-being for the greater good.

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OcSober asks for two requests:

– Give up alcohol for the month of October
– Make an effort to raise funds by encouraging colleagues, friends and family to sponsor you!

Life Education has been running the OcSober campaign for over ten years. For now, they are taking a break from general sponsoring, however monetary donations, regular givebacks and bequests are all greatly appreciated to help support the cause!


We are inspired by the efforts of Life Education and the OcSober campaign to teach our youngsters about the dangers of alcohol, shaping them to making wiser and healthier choices for their future.

Let us know if you are staying OcSober this October, we’d love to see our local community take part in the cause! 


Sinead Porter
Creative Writer
We Love KB