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22nd June 2020

Services Gone Online

We can now begin to breathe a sigh of relief, as things are slowly getting back to normal for many of us. Returning to work, the kids are flocking back to school, and those long-awaited intrastate holidays are being planned as we speak. But many aspects of our day-to-day lives have been altered, even if we haven’t given it much thought. 

The concept of delivery takeout is now abundant throughout the city, retailers have been forced to veer away from their usual shopfront commonplace and schools have opted for online learning approaches. 

Retail, dance, art and educational services are among just some of the supportive outlets that have been on offer amidst the ‘Rona season. Today we take a little glimpse at some different organisations and businesses around Kalgoorlie-Boulder who have compiled their services to be available online for our benefit.


With only an averaged 60% attendance for the local high schools in March, ultimately they made the choice of moving their teaching online. While schools did remain open, this decision was made in order to allow parents with essential work the peace of mind knowing their child was still able to safely attend school.
Applications like the Connect study portal were used by students to keep them up to date on school work and assessment deadlines while working from home. Video calls between teachers and class members occurred to ensure students were achieving their learning goals and keeping on track. 

This period for some school kids would have felt like paradise. Sleep ins, no bus or biking it to school, and the freedom of learning from the comfort of your own home. But for many, social interactions in high school play a major role in overall happiness and work ethic. Gladly, school-goers were urged to return to school as part of the government’s easing of restrictions, and numbers have risen at the schools as the threat of the pandemic subsides.

John Paul College JPC Students Back to School Kalgoorlie Boulder We Love KB

John Paul College students of year 12 Sophia Spence, 17, Julia Ocean, 17 and Lucy Miller, 16.
Credit: The Kalgoorlie Miner


Local Makers Live Market

The Local Makers Live Market is an online market created for the purpose of connecting customers to local artisan creators all across WA. With over 3000 hours of dedication, the ladies of Boho Picnic Co and Casey Jane Creations have been able to create a community project in order to help small businesses cope with the stress of isolation. 

This provides the collective with an online space for their audience to shop for a range of quality products right at home, as well as the opportunity to shop locally all while supporting small businesses!   

The space had an original purpose of serving as a 3 day live market event held at the beginning of May, however, with much community interest the project will be continued on into the future once business returns to normal. 

The 2nd live market launch will be commencing between 3rd-5th July. To get your business involved, or follow their FB page for updates here

Local Makers Live Market Western Australia Artisans Shopping Online We Love KB


Our local performance art companies, specifically MT Dance and Heart of Gold Dance Company, had been finding it difficult to maintain classes with social distancing restrictions in place, so they did what any business would do and adapted themselves to the changing times. 

In the past months, they have been offering their students online dance classes to strengthen their dancing skills in the comfort of their homes, while practicing social distancing measures.

It has been a trying time, and video calls aren’t perfect for practicing pirouettes, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make the most of our free time and enjoy dancing away our troubles! 

Thankfully, business is slowly returning back to normal for our performers, with classes having started back at the beginning of June. 

MT Dance is excited to be welcoming back their beloved students after a long semester apart. To find out more about upcoming classes, inquire here

Heart of Gold Dance Company are offering $20 casual class fees for their Sassy Heels, Stretch It and Urban Contemporary classes. Find out more here.

Heart of Gold Dance Company Katie Virgo Academy Dancing Ballet We Love KB Kalgoorlie Boulder

Credit: Heart of Gold Dance Company


Although times have been tough these past few months, that hasn’t stopped our artistry community. Not only did we experience a dedicated effort from our Kalgoorlie-Boulder residents with the ‘Follow the Rainbow’ project, we’re also blessed with a brilliant array of local artists using different mediums to display their work.

Em Anders Artist 

Em Anders Artist is an art and design company, originally starting out as Hippocrocaduck. Em Anders herself is a self-taught artist with a passion for landscapes, flora and fauna in her canvas paintings. Her connection with people’s values and cultures permits her to flourish and leave the audience captivated by the beauty of each work. 

The business was hosting frequent classes from their studio workshop, however like all of us in these current circumstances, they’re taking things one day at a time. Nonetheless, we are greeted by a stunning arrangement of products on their Etsy site from canvas paintings and prints to beautiful custom jewellery.  

As of late, Em Anders Artist will be holding two resin workshops, as well as talk of featuring some jewellery boxes and round wall art workshops in the future! For more details visit her FB page

Em Anders Artist Art and Design Kalgoorlie Boulder We Love KB

Golden Orb Designs

Not much has been able to hold this business back! Golden Orb Designs has been producing landscape imagery since 2009. The business creates striking photography prints of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Esperance and surrounds.

Captivating skies, sunsets, beaches and the general beauty of nature is a strong influence throughout their pieces. Using great care, they process gallery quality images by researching precise locations and using golden hour (dusk and dawn) to their advantage. 

It’s complicated to perfect an image, but Golden Orb Designs have proved their advancement in Kalgoorlie’s photography realm with their attractive imagery of the Goldfields, through patience and perseverance. For inquiries, visit their page here

Golden Orb Designs Landscape Photography We Love KB Kalgoorlie Boulder Esperance

Credit: Golden Orb Designs, Landscape Photography

The coming weeks are only the beginning of a slow return to normality, but that’s okay. We all adjust, as those mentioned above have proven to us, and with the obliging recreational services we have here in the Goldfields for our day-to-day needs, a road is smoothed on a path to brighter days.

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Sinead Porter
Creative Writer
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