Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy

We Love KB

This policy has been created to assist team members and appointed contractors with the publishing of content and monitoring of all Social Media accounts owned by We♥KB. The policy also explains how we interact with other users on Social Media.

For the purpose of this policy reference to Social Media includes any commentary on online platforms including but not limited to; Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, You Tube wiki’s, blogs or other unlisted Social Networking channels. It also includes third party directory sites such as TripAdvisor, or Wotif and its subsidiaries.

References to Owners can also mean the We♥KB creator and designer, Paula Fletcher of Calypso Designs or Sarah Hinton, appointed Sales & Social of Pride and Prominence.

References to User or User Generated Content (UGC) entail owners of other Social Media accounts, customers and the general public.

How does We♥KB use Social Media?

We♥KB is committed to sharing with residents and visitors to Kalgoorlie Boulder about what makes it such an exciting and vibrant place to live. We encourage positive stories and feedback about our regional cities facilities, retail stores and services, arts & culture events and tourism attractions.

The primary venture of We♥KB is a printed map displaying advertisements and directional information to local and independent Kalgoorlie Boulder businesses and community organisations. When appropriate, mentions to the printed map, location and reference is to be included in all content.
All advertisers in the map and on our website are contributors to our cause and are part of a community, not a directory.

We use Social Media to:

Promote Kalgoorlie Boulder businesses and community organisations
Promote and review community and V.I.P events
Share breaking news relevant to our advertisers industries.
Encourage users to shop locally and support independent businesses – #shoplokal
Highlight the attractions and or natural beauty of our region.
Share content relating to any of the above by other users
respond to feedback, complaints and inquiries

We also use Social Media to:

Monitor engagement, reviews and trends
Find information about Kalgoorlie Boulder
Monitor our competitors
Research opportunities for prospective sales
Interact with industry stakeholders and regional tourism bodies


Our target market are millenials. Fixed income and carefree. They support innovation, are competitive shoppers, have leisure time available and discerning tastes. They also seek experiences to give back to their community and are conscious of their impact on our environment.

All posts uploaded to Social Media must have consent from We♥KB owners. Each year the colour scheme and main design used across all of our networks and promotional material are themed.

Consider our target market when posting to Social Media. You do not need to be formal, have fun. In the interest of shortened attention spans and aesthetics use only short succinct sentences with a call to action and shorten URL’s.
The supplied content calendar describes our different uses for different Social Media profiles.

Photos uploaded by We♥KB are to showcase the lifestyle and should not be too stark or ‘marketing’ based. We want to display quality images that not only highlight our community members goods and services but real life people enjoying them too.
If you are unable to attend an event and take photos please refer to the owners for suitable imagery. All user images must be sufficiently credited.


As a contributor to We♥KB you agree to alert owners of any negative mentions, feedback or complaints sighted on the internet as timely as possible. You do not need to respond. We appreciate links to the content.
Listing your affiliation with We♥KB on personal Social Media profiles can only be done by approval of the owners. We expect that you will be a good internet citizen and will not enter into debates, offer resolution or create a dialogue with users about We♥KB or it’s community members without approval from owners.

If you require assistance with your own personal profile, disclaimers or account security settings the owners can help you. Please do not disclose the passwords or usernames of Social Media accounts to anyone including community members and other contributors.

Be truthful

When promoting We♥KB, the map and community members keep it honest. Whilst mistakes can be made there are strict guidelines set by federal advertising standards. Misleading information and false claims are a sure fire way to gain notoriety in a negative way. If you do happen to make a mistake there are opportunities to edit the post or article. Refer to the owner for guidance if a mistake is made and noticed!


When sharing pictures or words make sure you have the permission of the original owner or are using We♥KB owned or ‘creative commons’ licensed material.
When sharing User Generated Content give recognition to the original owner. This includes hash tagged content.


When responding to reviews and comments made by users on any We♥KB owned Social Media accounts be sure to thank the user for their contribution and be sure to be respectful.

The following are expressly forbidden and do not reflect We♥KB’s mission or values. Use of any of the following is considered serious misconduct and a breach of this policy;

– Derogatory statements related to race, gender, religion or political preference
– Personal attacks
– Inflammatory statements
– Obscene language

Do not delete content from owned Social Media accounts until you have alerted management for guidance. Your response to the user (or the response of other users) can go a long way for reputation management. If you receive a negative review it is best to respond to the post detailing how the customer can escalate the complaint. Typical responses include, “Thank you for your feedback. We have sent you a private message/email so we may work together to reach a resolution” or if you are unable to send correspondence ask the user to call or email the owners providing the correct contact information and if known a date by when the user can expect resolution.


The 24/7 nature of the internet and supplied measureable data gives us insights into how our content is received. Regularly review analytics to track your content’s popularity. Make a note of considerable changes to behaviour, reach and demographics. Please alert owners to significant escalation of competitors account activity.

And always… be helpful, positive about Kalgoorlie Boulder and our community members and be kind.