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14th May 2017

Why you need Lush in your life – A review

Lush Body & Soul Beauty and Wellness Spa offers rejuvenation of the Mind, Body & Soul. Follow along to see how We Love KB Sales & Social Manager Sarah has that promise delivered.

Members of the Kalgoorlie Boulder Lush Body & Soul Beauty and Wellness Spa inside their spa | We Love KB review

The friendly staff of Lush Body & Soul Beauty and Wellness Spa treat you like you like royalty

Situated within the busy Hannans Boulevard shopping centre, 3.5kms from the Kalgoorlie city centre, Lush Body & Soul Beauty and Wellness Spa is a world away from the dusty mining-centric city of Kalgoorlie Boulder.  Beyond the recently renovated sunlit reception off the shopping centre’s entrance, Lush provides a inner sanctuary comprised of multiple treatment areas dedicated to skincare and body treatments including waxing, make-up application, detox and relaxation.

My reason for visiting Lush recently was by invitation from Toni, Lush Body & Soul owner, to try the popular Indian Head Massage. This centuries old Ayurvedic treatment is good for sufferers of stress and poor circulation. Toni couldn’t possibly have known but yes, I had my hand up saying, “Yes, Hi, that’s me!”

Do you know what my favourite bit about visiting Lush is? The friendly staff treat you like you like royalty. With offers of herbal tea, magazines and those fluffy white robes you really do forget where you are and could possibly be convinced that you are on a luxury holiday rather than 2 hours away from picking the kids up from school.

picture of Himalayan Salt Lamp on table with orchids and tea cups in the lounge at Lush Body & Soul in Kalgoorlie Boulder | We Love KB review

Find peace in the lounge area, open only to clients of Lush

My therapist for the massage was Shannon, a certified beauty therapist & masseuse and it turns out we have kids at the same daycare. How Kalgoorlie is that!? Anywho, we didn’t natter too much, there’s relaxing to be had. After ditching my day clothes and changing into the robe and slippers I am welcomed by Shannon into the dedicated treatment room – which I might add housed a full sized bathtub which acts as an incentive to come back another day for a Teatox scrub & soak or decadent Milk Bath.

The lights are dimmed low, there’s a scented candle burning and there’s a musical soundtrack which is neither whale song or elevator music, whatever the playlist is it is unobtrusive and just right. Every detail is considered.

Shannon has a firm hand and rhythmic motion when massaging across my décolletage and up my neck. The attention paid to my scalp can only be described as when a puppy gets that rub in the sweet spot behind their ear, pure joy.

As I’d never had an Indian Head Massage before there was a point in the treatment where I had to fully give myself to the process. It was when the warm oil blend was first poured onto my forehead and through my hair, the little chicken in me flinched. The inner child in me however brought forward vivid memories of camping at the beach and the warmth of the sun as you look up to an early morning sunrise.

Warm oil blend poured onto massage client forehead at Lush Body & Soul beauty and wellness spa in kalgoorlie Boulder Western Australia | Review by We Love KB

When I asked Toni after the treatment as to why I had nostalgic flashbacks of childhood holidays she explained, “The oil pour is aimed for your Chakras in the centre of your forehead. People react differently but ultimately the act is to release joyful feelings and realign your inner balance.” replied Toni.

Usually for me, losing track of time results in un-defrosted meat for dinner and running late to meetings but within the confines of Lush, you know that you can relax as the team will watch the clock for you. There’s no rush after your treatment, in fact after the Indian Head Massage it is encouraged you take a shower as the oils really do saturate your hair and the team are looking out for you, and your clothes, best interests.

Before even rising from the massage bed, Shannon has turned on the shower in the Hydro Pod suite and it’s hot when I am welcomed in. All the essentials are complimentary including shampoo, conditioner and body wash with a fluffy towel waiting within arms reach.

I think it needs to be said that when you make an appointment at Lush, whether it be for facials, manicures or pedicures or even a session in the Detox Box to always mentally add another 15 minutes to your allocated time. The lounge area within Lush is available for all clients to take some extra time out before returning to the change rooms and retrieving your belongings from your dedicated locker.

Picture of curly red haired woman Kalgoorlie Boulder

Hair so healthy!

It’s been over a week since I received the Indian Head Massage and I wanted to share with you this picture of my hair! Ever been to the hairdressers and wished the little scalp massage they provide when washing your hair could go on for longer? The Indian Head Massage provides a superior version of that and my hair has benefited from the oils used immensely.

Because of the drastic improvement to the health of my hair, I asked Toni via email what’s in that magic potion. The blend is made up of various essential oils including coconut, lavender and also avocado oil. Avocado oil is a lightweight addition that helps penetrate the follicles and moisturises both your hair and skin. The team can create an oil blend suitable for your current state, if you suffer from allergies or are pregnant it is best to let your therapist know beforehand.

The Indian Head Massage is one of Lush’s most popular treatments, it is usually paired with a reflexology massage and is going to be included in a full body treatment package in the new Spa Treatment menu.

Bookings for the Indian Head Massage and other treatments can be made by calling the spa on 08 9021 3468.


Lush Body and Soul Beauty & Wellness Spa

Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul 43 Brookman Street T: 08 9021 3468


Sarah Hinton is a self-proclaimed Goldfields ambassador, in her element when supporting community projects and tourism initiatives. Sarah has a wealth of experience in the hospitality, tourism and retail sectors and fascination with online marketing.