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20th September 2020

Your Kalgoorlie-Boulder Race Round Style Guide 2020


It’s that time of year again! The iconic Race Round is just around the corner and this year is expected to be greater than the years previous being one of the only major events happening within Western Australia! This blog is about styling your outfits for the Race Round. If you are unsure about the current fashion trends or the do’s and don’ts for racing fashion then this is the blog for you! Due to COVID-19, the Kalgoorlie Boulder Racing Club have capped their tickets to 6,000 to be compliant with the State Government restrictions. So if you haven’t got your ticket yet, I recommend you get one fast and let us worry about dressing you for the races!

Photo Credit: WA Fashions On The Field. 2018 Winners of Kalgoorlie Fashions On The Field.

Planning Your Outfit:

There are 3 major components that create one amazing outfit. The clothing – whether it be a dress or pants suit, millinery and accessories. Making sure that all these elements work harmoniously together is the fundamental trick of making your Spring racing outfit sing!

Let’s start with the clothing, traditionally ladies usually wear a smart or high fashion dress to the races. Depending on your body type and how comfortable you feel you can wear almost any length of dress such as a midi (mid calf), mini, (mid thigh), knee or ankle length. DON’T wear a gown. I repeat, don’t wear a gown! You do not want to be dragging a beautiful gown through the field! Nowadays, pant suits are becoming more and more popular, they are definitely smart and high fashion, can keep you warm and are likely to be more comfortable. 

Spring racing is all about colour; big, bold and bright is playing it safe at racing carnivals and you can be as wacky or as unique as you like! This is why I love racing fashion, its like watching walking pieces of art and each person wearing it is displaying their personality. Strong trending colours impacting the racing scene this season are; khaki, rose and lilac. However, all the colours of the rainbow are found on the track during Race Round. Prints and patterns are always favourable throughout the garment of their outfit, popular prints and patterns are generally floral or geometric however, I feel a bit of cheeky leopard print will make an appearance this year!

Kalgoorlie Boulder 2020 Race Round Fashion Guide

Photo Credit: WA Fashions On The Field

Once you have fallen in love with a dress or pant suit, it’s time to look at millinery options. I always advise my clients to pull a colour out of their outfit that they want to showcase, or, if its one colour, colour pop it with another. For example: a vivid green dress can be colour-popped with hot pink millinery and accessories. By doing this you are allowing your outfit and accessories to coordinate with each other.

Traditionally, a boater style hat was a popular choice for millinery back in the day. Today, we have all kinds of variations and you can be as imaginative as you like. Trending styles are headband pieces, they are easy to put in your hair, they won’t move as much and they can work with any hair type. Headbands can come in all sorts of styles such as a halo style, where the headband is high and big. Some headbands can be small and dainty with beaded embellishments and others can have a prominent feature. Check out some of the pieces we sell at Manski & Schi!

Kalgoorlie Boulder 2020 Race Round Fashion Guide

Photo Credit: Manski & Schi, manskiandschi.com.au

Now with the 2 major components of your outfit complete, it’s time to finish it off with your accessories, mainly your bag, shoes and jewellery. Again, you want your accessories to co-ordinate with your dress and millinery, so make sure you are using the right colours to make the outfit tie together. When choosing a bag you can choose any style you like; a clutch, purse or handbag. My only advice about a bag is make sure it holds everything you need. There is nothing worse than having a bag and you can’t fit your money, ID or phone in! Bags come in all shapes and sizes and I will leave this one to your imagination. 

Shoes are probably the most important thing about an outfit but are often left as an afterthought. You must wear good foot wear to the races because chances are you will be on your feet the duration of the day. I advise wearing a chunky block heel or a wedge so that you don’t sink into the grass while walking. If you can find a heel that is comfortable and ties in with your colour theme then well done to you! If you can’t find the right shoe colour, a nude or black heel will suffice. Better to have good, comfy feet than blisters and achy toes!

Finally, finish off your outfit with your jewellery. Wearing beautiful statement earrings and a bracelet will be enough. 

Hair & Beauty Prep:

If you are wanting to look your best for Race Round, it doesn’t just stop at the outfit. Having the best hair style, make up, nails and skin routine can bring your whole outfit together. The week of Race Round I recommend you start prepping yourself with waxing and shaving, pedicures and manicures (get a nail colour that will go with all your outfits if you are attending all 3 major events during Race Round week) face masks (the night before) and spray tan (this is usually the night before ladies).

On the day:

For the best look and a stress free morning, I recommend booking a hairdresser and makeup artist – you’ll thank yourself and be ahead of time!

The right hairstyle will depend on what you are wearing for a headpiece. If you have a head piece that needs to be pinned in then a low up-do will be best for you. If you are wearing a headband piece, styling your hair down straight or in waves will look great! At the time of writing this blog, the chances of getting into a hairdresser for the races are slim. However, Maritana Hair studio might be taking walk-ins and if you have no luck there, try and book in early for next year.

For makeup, go for a glam day look, it’s not an overly heavy makeup look but it is striking as you emphasise your eye make up. Make sure to clean your face before you go to bed each night! Again, I think your chances of booking in with a makeup artist at this stage are pretty slim, although you can check in with Wizard Pharmacy, they might be able to help with makeup application. If not, start practising with Youtube videos for that flawless finish.

Photo Credit: Sammy Schimanski, 2019 Hair & Makeup for Ladies Day.

What to Wear to Each Event:

Ladies day – Traditionally ladies wear classic dress styles such as an A-line or pencil with a below the knee length. Match with millinery and accessories. Ladies day is where they host the Kalgoorlie Fashions on the Field, where ladies compete in their best Spring racing outfits for their chance to win great local prizes and a chance to compete in the final in Perth in November. Ladies Day is regarded as high fashion and a lot of the attendees dress this way, even if they are not entering in Fashions on the Field .

Photo Credit: WA Fashions On The Field, 2019 Winner of Kalgoorlie Fashions On The Field.

Barefoot – Barefoot on Brookman is the Ladies Luncheon where the dress code is smart casual and no heels, you either wear flats or no shoes at all! This has been said to be the best event during the round and with this year’s event already sold out with 400 attendees its going to be the best one yet!

Foholicking Fillies in the Mounting Yard Cocktail Party – New to the Race Round events this year, another Ladies Luncheon held in the mounting yard of the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Racing Club. Guest are expected to dress in cocktail attire.

Kal Cup – The event that ends The Round! Kalgoorlie Cup is the biggest of all races and events of the Race Round. Here is where you find all sorts of wacky and unique outfits. To feel your best and look amazing, smart casual or cocktail attire is good for Kal Cup.


I hope this style guide has been useful for you. Should you have any questions regarding above please feel free to contact us at sales@manskiandschi.com.au for all style advice.

Sammy Schimanski

Owner of Manski & Schi